1. Takumi IINO
  2. hg-show


Show extension for Mercurial

hg-show adds command to Mercurial which display changesets with diffs.

Why extension?

If you define this command as alias:

show = log --patch --rev

This alias works:

hg show 'not merge()' # work

But you should care argument order:

hg show 'not merge()' --stat # work
hg show --stat 'not merge()' # not work

This extension is solve this plobrem.


Clone the repository:

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/troter/hg-show/

Edit the [extensions] section in your ~/.hgrc file:

show = [path to]/hg-show/show.py


To display parent changeset with diffs:

hg show
# or
hg show .