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.oh-my-zsh [75f2f4e02780]
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ack: add ackrc
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editorconfig: golang
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rubygems: no-document, backtrace: true
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git: git config --global core.autocrlf false
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git: add .gitignore_global
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add .hgignore
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mercurial: rename from .mercurial/hgignore to .hgignore_global
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mercurial: hostsecurity
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zsh: add oh-my-zsh by subrepository
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zsh: update oh-my-zsh
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readline: convert to lf
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irb: remove unused code
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pry: don't use command_prefix
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python: add extension to startup script
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screen: reconsider keybind
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tmux: 1-origin
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vim: set ambiwidth=double
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pipsi: install pipsi
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zsh: google-cloud-sdk
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readme: mercurial and git
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rakefile: drop centos
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vagrant: build test environment
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brew: update homebrew-php repo


My home directory.


Using curl one liner:

$ curl -L https://bitbucket.org/troter/home/raw/default/scripts/install.sh | bash

Install Depends software

My home directory depends on some software.

  • mercural, git.
  • compilers(gcc, g++) and development libraries.
  • some useful command line tools(zsh, screen, curl, etc..).

If you not install these software, see following command output:

$ rake prepare

Install Extra software

Environment managers and latest version:

$ rake brew:pyenv:install brew:rbenv:install
$ source .zshrc
$ pyenv install 2.7.7; pyenv rehash
$ rbenv install 2.1.2; rbenv rehash

Emacs dependencies manager:

$ curl -fsSkL https://raw.github.com/cask/cask/master/go | python

Mercurial extensions:

$ rake mercurial:extensions

Useful gems:

$ gem install pry pry-doc
$ rbenv rehash

Useful eggs:

$ pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper
$ pip install mercurial dulwich
$ pip install sphinx
$ pip install bpython
$ pip install readline
$ pip install percol
$ pyenv rehash

Launch zsh from bash

If use local install zsh, run following command:

$ echo '[ -n "$PS1" ] && which zsh &> /dev/null && exec zsh' >> .bashrc