1. Renato Cunha
  2. ffmpeg-android


Created by Renato Cunha <http://twitter.com/trovao>;


There seems to be too many sources of (mis)information around the Internet regarding the building of FFmpeg for Android. This very simple script is my take on that issue. Hopefully, this will enable more people to test and start developing with FFmpeg for Android.

If you just want to get started and don't want to build anything else, check the download page.


You will need the Android NDK version r8 or later to use this script. In addition to that, you will need mercurial to clone this repository and git to download the source code of FFmpeg and libx264.

  • On Debian/Ubuntu, "apt-get install git mercurial yasm bash make gawk" should get you going.
  • On Arch Linux, you can install the NDK from the AUR. If you use yaourt, "yaourt -S android-ndk git mercurial yasm bash make gawk" should do the trick.

Once the dependencies are installed, just enter this directory and type:

$ ./build.sh

If everything goes well, you should have the latest version of FFmpeg for ARMv6, ARMv7a, and ARMv7a with NEON support in the dist directory.


There aren't many, really. Here they are:

  • All you get is FFmpeg + libx264 for Android ARM;
  • The script only downloads the last version of FFmpeg and libx264;
  • The script is straightforward.