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Library to use a SPI EEPROM on Arduino.

This library is inspired/based on code of Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

Compatible IC's

  • 25LC1024: 1MBit, 128Kbits x 8 = 128KBytes, 512 pages - PDF Datasheet

Note: If you have other IC's and are using this library, add your IC to the list.

Get it

  • There's stable download version here
  • You can the latest code from here on Source Page, Get source and selecting your favorite compression type.
  • You can use mercurial SCM(source control management and clone the repository:
$ hg clone

Install it

As written on Arduino Environment Guide:

"To install these third-party libraries, create a directory called libraries within your sketchbook directory. Then unzip the library there. For example, to install the DateTime library, its files should be in the /libraries/DateTime sub-folder of your sketchbook folder."

Also, you can uncompress it directly on libraries path on your arduino application folder. This will make you able to use the examples provided.