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autosummary/generate: slightly more robust parsing in find_autosummary_in_lines

Skip non-content lines of autosummary:: directives, if they have a
greater leading indent.

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     *template* ``None`` if the directive does not have the
     corresponding options set.
-    autosummary_re = re.compile(r'^\s*\.\.\s+autosummary::\s*')
+    autosummary_re = re.compile(r'^(\s*)\.\.\s+autosummary::\s*')
     automodule_re = re.compile(
     module_re = re.compile(
     template = None
     current_module = module
     in_autosummary = False
+    base_indent = ""
     for line in lines:
         if in_autosummary:
                 documented.append((name, toctree, template))
-            if not line.strip():
+            if not line.strip() or line.startswith(base_indent + " "):
             in_autosummary = False
         m = autosummary_re.match(line)
         if m:
             in_autosummary = True
+            base_indent = m.group(1)
             toctree = None
             template = None
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