BANNER-CHEMDNER is a new branch of BANNER, a biomedical NER system.
The system is developed to participate in CHEMDNER challange task of BioCreative workshop IV and can be used to identify chemical and drug mention or biomedical mention from free text.

A demo app may be found here:

To use BANNER-CHEMDNER in your own project

	1. Include the jar files in 'lib' dir to your project class-path
	2. Set resource and model paths in config (checkout 'config' dir)
	3. Write your code to call BANNER-CHEMDNER API (checkout demo app), sample snippet for running mention recognition as follows (Scala):

	  * Create BANNER-CHEMDNER config
	 val conf = new XMLConfiguration(confPath)

	  * Create resources by calling BANNER helpers
	 val tokenizer = BANNER.getTokenizer(conf)
	 val dictionary = BANNER.getDictionary(conf)
	 val lemmatiser = BANNER.getLemmatiser(conf)
	 val posTagger = BANNER.getPosTagger(conf)
	 val brownClusters = BANNER.getBrownClusters(conf)
	 val wordEmbeddings = BANNER.getWordEmbeddings(conf)
	 val wordVectorClasses = BANNER.getWordVectorClasses(conf)
	 val postProcessor = BANNER.getPostProcessor(conf)
	 val localConfig = conf.configurationAt(classOf[BANNER].getPackage().getName)

	  * Loading model file
	 val modelFilename = localConfig.getString("modelFilename")

	  * Create tagger object
	 val tagger = CRFTagger.load(new File(modelFilename), lemmatiser, posTagger, dictionary, brownClusters, wordEmbeddings, wordVectorClasses)

	  * Identifying mentions
	 val taggedText = BANNER.process(tagger, tokenizer, postProcessor, sentence)

To train/test a new model or tag text

	'bin' dir contains a pre-built jar with its libraries (built against java 1.7). You may use that jar to train/test a new model. Please refer to banner.eval.BANNER class for parameter description. In short you need to have your configuration file, and issue following command to train:

	java -jar ./bin/BANNER-CHEMDNER.jar train <***path-to***config>

	to test:

	java -jar ./bin/BANNER-CHEMDNER.jar test <***path-to***config> <***path-to***>

	You may want to tag free text data and use another tool for evaluation, such BioCreative evaluation tool, to tag:

	java -jar ./bin/BANNER-CHEMDNER.jar tag <***path-to***config> <***path-to***>