wajig has evolved over several years of using and maintaining Debian systems. It attempts to capture in a single command line tool various things I commonly do that relate to managing the system. Many of the commands supported by wajig have been gleaned from hints and gossip on the mailing lists, and sometimes nuggets of useful information from the documentation.

Online documentation is available at

Dirk Eddelbuettel has also been incredibly helpful in sponsoring wajig for inclusion in Debian and in suggesting new commands. Also, many thanks to other users of wajig who have made suggestions over the years.

--> words by Graham Williams & updated/fixed by Tshepang Lekhonkhobe


  • Setup:

    wajig install devscripts debhelper
    debcheckout wajig
    cd wajig
  • Build:

    debuild -us -uc
  • Install:

    sudo debi
  • Ensure that user-visible changes are mentioned in debian/changelog; use /usr/bin/debchange from within the project root directory and do your changes there

howto release

  • Ensure that version string on src/ matches that of latest changelog
  • Ensure that debuild does not emit any lintian errors/warnings