Spell-checker for Irssi



Works as you type, printing suggestions when Aspell thinks your last word was misspelled. It also adds suggestions to the list of tab-completions, so once you know last word is wrong, you can go back and tab-complete through what Aspell suggests.


  • spellcheck_languages — a list of space and/or comma separated languages to use on certain networks/channels. Example: /set spellcheck_languages netA/#chan1/en_US,#chan2/fi_FI, netB/!chan3/pl_PL will use en_US for #chan1 on network netA, fi_FI for #chan2 on every network, and pl_PL for !chan3 on network netB. By default this setting is empty.
  • spellcheck_default_language — language to use in empty windows, or when nothing from spellcheck_languages matches. Defaults to en_US.
  • spellcheck_enabled [ON/OFF] — self explaining. Sometimes (like when pasting foreign-language text) you don't want the script to spit out lots of suggestions, and turning it off for a while is the easiest way. By default it's ON.
  • spellcheck_word_color — highlight misspelled word to this color.


  • It won't catch all mistakes.
  • Picking actual words from what you type is very kludgy, you may occasionally see some leftovers like digits or punctuation
  • Works every time you press space or a dot (so won't work for the last word before pressing enter, unless you're using dot to finish your sentences).
  • When you press space and realize that the word is wrong, you can't tab-complete to the suggestions right away - you need to use backspace and then tab-complete. With dot you get an extra space after tab-completion.
  • Probably more, please report to Jakub Wilk.