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Department of Information Engineering - Knowledge Discovery & Management Group - Prof. Claudia Diamantini (

Soccer-Extractor is a custom DBpedia extractor and a python script. It extracts data from the Template "CarrieraSportivo" used in the Italian Wikipedia and compose a RDF graph which can be serialized in turtle, nt etc.
The dataset (as far as Nov '15) is a large collection of soccer players' careers statistics. The dataset (22_11_2015) can be retrieved at soccer_2015_11_22.ttl, while the Log file at soccer-extractor_2015_11_22.log. Basically it is intended to use as a custom extractor. Everyone can contribute at this project.

ITA - Prezi Presentation

Initial Contributors

  • Federico Fioravanti
  • Marco Mariani
  • Simone Papalini

Python libraries needed

  • RDFlib v 4.2.1

NEWS - 12/12/2015

Our dataset was published by the project. Here the link to the news.