Additional completion definitions for Zsh.

This projects aims at gathering/developing new completion scripts that are not available in Zsh yet. The scripts are meant to be contributed to the Zsh project when stable enough.


See issues for details on each completion definition.

Gentoo's completions have been removed, as they are maintained upstream. See: Gentoo zsh-completions


Using packages

Manual installation

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone git://
  • Include the directory in your $fpath, for example by adding in ~/.zshrc:

    fpath=(path/to/zsh-completions/src $fpath)
  • You may have to force rebuild zcompdump:

    rm -f ~/.zcompdump; compinit


Contributions are welcome, just make sure you follow the guidelines:

  • Completions are not accepted when already available in their original project.
  • Please do not just copy/paste someone else completion, ask before.
  • Completions only partially implemented are not accepted.
  • Please add a header containing authors, license info, status and origin of the script (example here).
  • Please try to follow Zsh completion style guide.
  • Send a pull request or ask for committer access.


See each file for license details.