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Issue #35 resolved
Wendel Scardua created an issue

As package-lock.json isn't commited, when running npm install on em-fceux-site it fetches a newer version of html-webpack-deploy-plugin (2.0.8). It was supposed to be fine, since it’s a minor updade from 2.0.6. But 2.0.6 depends on copy-webpack-plugin ^5.0.3, and 2.0.8 depends on copy-webpack-plugin 6.0.3, which introduced some api breaking changes. Those breaking changes make npm run build fail. Here on my computer I’ve changed html-webpack-deploy-plugin dependency from “^2.0.6” to “2.0.6”, and now the build ran fine.

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  1. Valtteri Heikkilä repo owner

    Oh no! I pushed the missing package-lock.json. That works for me on node v10.21.0.

    Does pushing the package-lock.json fix the problem for you?

    Thanks for reporting the issue!

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