Port 2 not working, at least on em-fceux-site

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Issue #38 resolved
Wendel Scardua created an issue

em-fceux version: 1.0.3

What goes wrong:

I’m using a fork of em-fceux-site in order to embed my NES games on itch.io But the latest game I made was for two players, and I just found out that I can’t make it work for the second player. Then I tried running both my game and Bubble Bobble on the original em-fceux-site (https://tsone.kapsi.fi/em-fceux/) and they didn’t work either. I’ve selected “Controller” for Port 2 in System settings, then tried setting keyboard controls for Controller 2 in Input Bindings, but the games seemed to ignore this. Input bindings for Controller 1 work just fine, though.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Open settings, in “System settings”, select “Controller” for Port 2, then close settings.
  2. Open a two-player game rom.
  3. Open Input Bindings, set some keyboard buttons for “Controller 2”, then close Input Bindings
  4. Start a two-player game. The second player won’t react to any input.

Browser: Firefox 81.0 / Chrome 85.0

OS: Windows 10

Comments (5)

  1. Wendel Scardua reporter

    While trying to debug I found this in em-fceux-site’s src/input.ts:

    private updateControllers() {
    // TODO: handle all active controllers
    return this.bitsForController('1');

  2. Wendel Scardua reporter

    I’ll just use

    return this.bitsForController('2') << 8 | this.bitsForController('1');

    for now

  3. Valtteri Heikkilä repo owner

    Thanks for debugging! Good you found the cause. I’ll fix this shortly on the new version of the site.

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