Author: Tyler Spivey <>

This is a clipboard manager which saves items copied to the clipboard for later retrieval.

How to use:
* Run clipman. It doesn't bring up its window, just shows in the system tray.
* When items are copied to the clipboard, they are stored. By default, the hotkey to bring up the list is alt control c, but it can be changed in the options.
* Once the list is up, pressing enter on an item will copy it to the clipboard. Escape will cancel.
* Items can be deleted by pressing the delete key. To clear all items, close clipman, delete clipman.db and start it again.
* Due to a limitation of the list view, only the first 259 characters of the item can be shown in it. This doesn't effect the copy.
* To access the options, right click the tray icon and select Options.

If you wish to donate to this project, PayPal donations are accepted at my email address below.

Contact information:

Twitter: tspivey