Can't fine-tuned using the run_experiments_bcnn_train.m scripts

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I have done as your instructions in order to fine-tuned the model, but when I run the scripts, I met the following error: Unable to read file 'data/checkgpu/cub-seed-01/nonftbcnn/bcnn_nonft_07031'. No such file or directory.

Error in initializeNetworkSharedWeights>getBatch_bcnn_fromdisk (line 201) load(fullfile(imdb.imageDir,{batch(i)}));

Error in cnn_train>processEpoch (line 325) [im, labels] = params.getBatch(, batch) ;

Error in cnn_train (line 150) [net, state] = processEpoch(net, state, params, 'train') ;

Error in initializeNetworkSharedWeights (line 161) [netc, info] = cnn_train(netc, bcnndb, @getBatch_bcnn_fromdisk, opts.inittrain, ...

Error in imdb_bcnn_train_dag (line 65) net = initNetFn(imdb, encoderOpts, opts);

Error in run_experiments_bcnn_train (line 79) imdb_bcnn_train_dag(imdb, opts); should I do the other things before run this scripts?

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