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Ding Zheyuan
created an issue

Dear Tsungyu:    Thanks for your sharing at first! I have met some problems when I want to run these files such as bird_demo , model_train and run_experiments_bcnn_train. Each problems likes below.

       1 bird_demo:
       0.10s to load imdb.

Warning: While loading an object of class 'dagnn.DagNN': Undefined function or variable 'BilinearClPooling'.

In bird_demo (line 30) Reference to non-existent field 'value'.

Error in dagnn.DagNN/move (line 22) obj.params(i).value = gather(obj.params(i).value) ; Error in net_move_to_device (line 6) net.move(device)

Error in bird_demo (line 34) net = net_move_to_device(net, 'cpu'); 2. model_train error as this:

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in model_train>traintest (line 133) [w{c},b{c}] = vl_svmtrain(psi(:,train & y ~= 0), y(train & y ~= 0), 1/(n* C), ...

     3. run_experiments_bcnn_train errors:

train: epoch 01: 1/ 24:Error using load Unable to read file 'data/checkgpu/cub-seed-01/nonftbcnn/bcnn_nonft_07031'. No such file or directory.

Error in initializeNetworkSharedWeights>getBatch_bcnn_fromdisk (line 201) load(fullfile(imdb.imageDir,{batch(i)}));

Error in cnn_train>processEpoch (line 291) [im, labels] = params.getBatch(, batch) ;

Error in cnn_train (line 132) [net, state] = processEpoch(net, state, params, 'train') ;

Error in initializeNetworkSharedWeights (line 161) [netc, info] = cnn_train(netc, bcnndb, @getBatch_bcnn_fromdisk, opts.inittrain, ...

Error in imdb_bcnn_train_dag (line 65) net = initNetFn(imdb, encoderOpts, opts);

Error in run_experiments_bcnn_train (line 79) imdb_bcnn_train_dag(imdb, opts);

       I'm sorry to trouble you, but I really have no idea where the problem is. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes for you!

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  1. tsungyu repo owner

    Please check if you have the submodule set up properly. There should be several files including 'BilinearClPooling.m' in the folder "bcnn-package".

    For the error "unable to read data/checkgpu/cub-seed-01/nonftbcnn/bcnn_nonft_07031", please see Issue 21

    You should not run the model_train.m directly.

  2. Ding Zheyuan reporter

    Thank you very much.Now I can train it.I should run the run_experiments_train.m at first and then use the model after training to run the run_experiments_bcnn_train file.

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