vlfeat compile error

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Ding Zheyuan
created an issue

vl_compile vl_compile: assuming that Visual C++ is the active compiler Error using vl_compile (line 55) The architecture is neither PCWIN nor PCWIN64. See help vl_compile.

And when run the run_experiment.mat to train a svm classifier, one error appeared.

-------------------------------------- OVA-classifier: class: 1 Warning: repmat(A,M) or repmat(A,M,N) where M or N is an empty array will return an error in a future release. Replace empty array inputs with 1 instead.

In model_train>traintest (line 127) In model_train (line 55) In run_experiments (line 127) Attempt to execute SCRIPT vl_svmtrain as a function: /home/ding/bcnn/vlfeat/toolbox/misc/vl_svmtrain.m

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