PIC - uClimaControl - DesertPea 	


	- code in testing stage (alpha)
	- uses HYT371 sensors for humidity and temperature measurements
	- uses DS1621 sensors for temperature measurements
	- accepts an I2C eeprom for data storage 
	- communicates via RS232 

	This project is designed to run with Microchips MPLAB X IDE (v1.10)
	and the integrated compiler C18.
hints on library usage
	This project uses a sub-repository, which will be checked out automatically
	when cloning the project. 
	The sub-repository comes from	
	In case you downloaded the project the library has to be downloaded seperately
	and put into the subdirectory '.\MiniLib'.
hints on linker and location:
	This project compiles to location 0x2000 hex as the 
	linker file (rm18f4455 - HID Bootload.lkr) suggests. This makes
	sense if I use a bootloader locating at 0x0000. 
	If I want to compile it for direct burning I just modify the linker file.
	- Just mail me for how to do that or in case any other question arises.