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Comment out 'static' and 'deform' methods; disagreements on long-term API.
Import Pyramid Migration Guide from pyramid-docs repository.
Pass command-line args through to paster create (var=value args)
Pass command-line args through to paster create (var=value args)
Ask whether to configure SQLAlchemy; switch to repoze_tm transaction manager.
akhet/tests/ for testing.
Change "[app:{{project}}]" to "[app:myapp]" in INI files.
Fix dependencies; update docs.
Create the SQLAlchemy engine ourself; SQLAHelper no longer does this.
Add attribution.
New URLGenerator class.
Add commented examples of advanced usages in init and base handler.
Add 'includeme' function. (Accidently put in SQLAHelper.)
Add 'lib' init module.
Empty out 'akhet' module (formerly sqlahelper code).
Change 'handlers' to a package, use a config include, add a base handler class.
Change page title to project name.
Fix variable name.
Create a 'lib' package in the app template and move under it.
Change 'models' in app template to a package.
Adjust code in renamed 'akhet' application template.
Change single-quoted strings to double-quoted in *.py_tmpl files.
Current version of setup.py_tmpl was somehow called
Rename 'pyramid_sqla' application template to 'akhet'. (Doesn't work yet.)
Rename 'pyramid_sqla' package to 'akhet'. (This version doesn't work.)
Rename project to Akhet. (This version doesn't work.)
Delete all formal dependencies except 'pyramid'.
Change single-quoted strings to double-quoted.
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