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Bump version to 1.0b2.
2 tags
Format skeleton code. Remove 'self.url_generator' in base handler.
Marcin Lulek
akhet should use in memory cache by default, optionally file based - but memory is good for start
Marcin Lulek
url generator should also be available in handlers as self.url_generator
Marcin Lulek
add beaker cache region configuration
Marcin Lulek
qualified property for urlgenerator class was missing
Clarify that you need to install the app after creating it.
Added tag v1.0b1 for changeset c6a6249d813e
Added tag ../SQLAHelper for changeset 46a7645f42ee
Change doc URL.
Doc wording.
Switch docs to Pyramid doc theme.
Finish documentation.
Update model examples and migration docs.
Change default for URLGenerator 'qualified' arg to False.
Change to load application from "[app:myapp]" regardless of project name.
Clarify MultiDict docs based on input from Ian.
Docs refactoring and updates.
Reformat auth.rst; change "myproject" to "myapp".
Delete temporary 'auth2.rst'.
Add Auth chapter to docs.
Refactor some doc sections.
Docs update.
Documentation update.
Documentation updates.
Comment in application template.
Refactor documentation.
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