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Paster Commands

As in Pylons, the "paster" command creates and runs applications.

paster create

paster create works the same in both Pylons and Pyramid:

$ paster create -t akhet Zzz

This is how you create a new application, as described earlier in the Usage chapter. Our sample application is named "Zzz". It will ask certain questions. Currently it asks whether to preconfigure SQLAlchemy in the application; the default is true. Answer 'n' to skip SQLAlchemy. You can also pass the answer on the command line:

$ paster create -t akhet Zzz sqlalchemy=n

The SQLAlchemy question is specific to the 'akhet' application skeleton. Other skeletons may have other questions or no questions. (Paster calls the application skeleton a "template" but we avoid that term because it can be confused with a template file.)

paster serve

paster serve also works the same as in Pylons:

$ paster serve development.ini
$ paster serve --reload development.ini

This runs the application under PasteHTTPServer or another server specified in the INI file. Running it under Apache or another Python webserver works the same way as in Pylons; see the Pyramid manual for details.

paster proutes

paster proutes prints the current route definitions. You have to specify both the INI file and the application section in the file, which for Akhet is "myapp" regardless of the actual application name:

$ paster proutes development.ini myapp

This replaces "paster routes" in Pylons.

Other paster commands

paster pshell is covered in the Shell section of the Architecture chapter. It replaces "paster shell" in Pylons.

"paster make-config" is not supported in Pyramid. Instead, all Pyramid skeletons include a production.ini. You can copy it to make other INI files.

"paster setup-app" is not supported in Pyramid. Instead, Akhet includes a create_db.py script. After you have defined your models, run it to create the database tables:

$ python -m zzz.scripts.create_db development.ini

You can customize the script if you want to prepopulate the databse with certain initial records. You can also put other utility scripts in the "scripts" package and run them the same way.

"paster controller" and "paster restcontroller" do not exist in Pyramid. You'll have to create your handler modules by hand or copy an existing module.