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         self.html.SetPage(about_html % ('memory:Boa.jpg',
           __version__.version, progress_text % (self.progressId, self.gaugePId), ''))
-        wx.CallAfter(self.initCtrlNames)
+        self.initCtrlNames()
     def initCtrlNames(self):
         self.label = self.FindWindowById(self.progressId)
     file = os.path.join(rcPath, confFile)
     confVersion = 0
     if os.path.exists(file):
-        c = wx.FileConfig(localFilename=file, style= wx.CONFIG_USE_LOCAL_FILE)
-        confVersion = c.ReadInt('/resourceconfig/version')
+        # don't do the wx.FileConfig version verification/upgrade until Riaan can fix this
+        pass
+        #c = wx.FileConfig(localFilename=file, style= wx.CONFIG_USE_LOCAL_FILE)
+        #confVersion = c.ReadInt('/resourceconfig/version')
-        if confVersion < version:
-            _backupAndCopyNewestConfig(confFile, file, '.cfg')
+        #if confVersion < version:
+        #    _backupAndCopyNewestConfig(confFile, file, '.cfg')
         shutil.copy2(os.path.join(pyPath, 'Config', confFile), file)
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