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-Bugs - Horribly incomplete cryptic buglist
-$ - Solved
+Bugs & Issues 
+Sometimes (but rarely, not seen under wxPython 2.5 yet) Boa crashes at startup 
+while opening files in the Editor.
+I've added code to start Boa empty at the next startup attempt to work around 
+this issue.
-$ Accessing a property whose property editor was edited on a previous selection of a component
-$ coredumps wxPython (dang pointers)
+Under wxGTK, Num Lock *must* be turned off. Because of a strange bug in 
+wxWidgets having Num Lock on is the same as holding in Alt. 
+This causes the short cuts to trigger, e.g. pressing "S" in the Editor
+would cause the Save As dialog to pop up because Alt-S is registered.
+The only know solution for wxPython is to turn off Num Lock.
-$ Collapsing subproperty tries to store value after property editor
-$ is destroyed
+Current Designer behaviour may seem weird where a
+single control is dropped on a frame; At first the control keeps its
+default size, but when the frame is resized, it fills the frame.
+(toolbars, statusbars and menubars connected to the frame are 
+excepted from this rule)
+This behaviour emulates the way frames/containers auto sizes a control 
+if only one is dropped on a frame/container, but it gives you the 
+chance to add a second control (before it fills the parent). 
+If you have a control filling a parent and want to add another to
+the parent, resize/move it out of the way and drop the second
+(painful I know)
-$After design time creating a dropping a new component the SelectionGroup gets selected
-$but not the object in the inspector 
+White space is quite significant for collection item methods!
+The spacing/blank lines within the method delimit the 3 possible
+sections, I might change this to rather be delimited by comments
+(but I don't want to have meaningfull comments either :( )
+Anyway don't mess with the whitespace and expect this to change.
-Property editor controls sometimes sized wrong on edit
+Another biggish gotcha is that changes to many (there are exceptions) 
+constructor properties and collection item constructor properties 
+will only take effect after the frame has been opened and closed
+or the property refreshed.
+This is partially due to constructors only being called once ;)
-$On selecting new component in Designer, namevalue width = default, not current Inspector width
+Cyclops and wxGenButtons don't mix for some strange reason. Disable
+any wxGenButtons code before running Cyclops.
+To run Boa in Cyclops, turn the cyclopsing flag on in Palette.py
-$Selecting frame offsets the SelectionGroup relative to screen coords instead of inside corners
-$of frame
+Other bugs
-$ Designer sizing bug: Control returns to default size after resizing a second time 
+Recreate controls not implemented for the Data View.
-Designer sizing bug: If a panel on a frame is selected and the frame is resized 
-it is not resized to the new size of the form. This is due to the fact that the selection
-group are 4 panels therefor there are 5 ctrls on the frame and the frame will only
-resize the panel if it was the only control. 
-This behaviour has to be emulated. Will be possible by looking at the child count of
-the frame in the parents tree
+ToolBars confuse the Designer somtimes (and the author).
+Components are offset by the height of the toolbar
-Changing sub-properties in inspector does not update ctrl
-$ Module does not open
-Old problem of InspectorScrollWindows' scrollbar getting confused and not being able
-to scroll back up
-Cannot parse ftplib.py
-$wxTreeCtrl.GetParent gives problems, Robin promises fix for next release
-Frame size/move not updating in source if frame is not currently selected in the 
-inspector, this is a fundamentaly very tricky one to fix properly. 
-One hack is to auto select the frame before beginning a move/size ??
-$?Closing while on full parent view tree sometimes crashes python
-$Second instance of a module type not showing image in AppView
-$Slider not working
-RadioBox, NoteBook does not trigger mouse events, and static box only triggers over it's
-label. ComboBox only over drop down button
-A work around is for containers to first do a hit test if clicks are within the region
-of any child controls. A bit of a pain tho. Note these controls can still be selected in
-the parents page of the inspector
-$Saved as modules should notify application of path change
-$Module paths are reletivised wrong when App is saved somewhere else
-Font property misbehaves: value of font after selected != default font
-Frame loses events
-$If the last window is closed notebook does not switch to shell
-Help select search result triggers loadpage event 3 times
-Attributes aren't updated in moduleparse.Class.attributes after working in the Designer
-The undelying problem is that the frame designers maintain the source code
-and the module is not reparsed when the designers are closed, only their changes
-are applied. Attributes get picked up on parsing.
-$Module name not changing after rename, only after reload
-$Find out why Debugger.py loads so slowly
-Can't handle zero length module modules
- $ no infinite loops anymore but still problems
-$Inspector does not behave correctly when switching between 2 frame designers
-$Frame not updating position when moved
-$Add saving btns to text models
-$Parent view not behaving correctly to selection of different designers
-Utility control must be selected after being added
-$Views must update model if they are modified
+Toolbars still cause big trouble by moving the frame coordinates down
+when linked to a frame.
+The only way I can see this working is by always having the toolbar
+as the first component and immediately linking it before creating any
+other components (this breaks the pattern completely ouch :()
+Also have to compensate for all top level controls (ctrls directly on
+frame) by adjusting their coordinates upon linking of the toolbar,
+because their source won't be updated.
+The moral of the story is to not have controls directly on a frame for
+now, rather put them in a panel, this is the recommended procedure
+in any case.
 Parser must be fixed sometime to correctly parse
-- methods within methods
-- multiline docstrings
-- method definitions continued over more than 1 line
+nested methods and nested classes
-Not prompted when overwriting a file
+Sometimes get a DeadObject assertion error when using the debugger by attaching
+to it.
+Under RedHat 8, fonts are sometimes displayed incorrectly, the suggested 
+workaround is to have an environment variable like this defined:
+GTK Critical warnings are produced in the following cases:
+- When there is a 'New' submenu connected under 'File'. Off by default on wxGTK.
+- When controls are reparented from the Notebook to another control. 
+  - This now causes a coredump :(
+Find in App does not search app
+moduleparse.Module.name sometimes have extension, sometimes not. Decide!
+Remove the silly assert for local uris (assertLocalFile), should be 
+checkLocalFile that raises a TransportError
+Check AccelEnter -> Notebook paste bug
+refreshCtrl is called twice on open pyd
+Snap to grid snaps more to left/top sides
+Filenames starting with . aren't handled correctly.
+moduleparse does not pick up 1st variable if defined before any other construct
+F10 outside Boa seems to set the dir according to app, breaks traceback.
+Clue; seems os.cwd is sometimes used.
+When an App is closed, it's remaining open modules stil refer to it.
+Inspector page splitter sometimes ends up in the center of the page after
+selecting nothing.

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-Changes / Diary
+-- 0.4.0 (Release) --
+* Updated the Designer to parse and generate wxPython 2.5 style code.
+* Updated code completion for wxPython 2.5 style code.
+* Core upgrader script under the Tools menu
+* PyPlot plug-in
+* Many bug fixes
+-- 0.3.1 (Release) --
+* Primarily a bugfix release
+* Fixes issues with attribute resolution in the Designer, small issue with 
+  unicode handling and the Zope debugger product.
+-- 0.3.0 (Release) -- 
+* Started with the conversion to wxPython 2.5 compatible code, but it's 
+  currently impossible to support both 2.4 and 3.5 in the GUI Designer 
+  because of the wx namespace change. 
+  In __version__.py, wx_version_max can be set to None to run under 2.5, 
+  but beware that there are still many issues under 2.5 and the Designer 
+  doesn't work.
+* BoaDebugger zope product added as an alternative/improved interface for 
+  debugging Zope, thanks to Robert Boulanger. See Debugger/BoaDebugger/*
+* Added properies/events:
+  * wxComboBox enter event
+  * wxTextCtrl.MaxLength (thanks Oleg Deribas)
+* New wxPython/Python docs bundle
+* Tutorial improvements (thanks Kevin Light)
+* Added examples for resource images and wizards
+* Special attributess can now span multiple lines 
+  (continued lines must end on comma)
+* wxWindows renamed to wxWidgets
+* Many bug fixes
+  * Fixed problem with window id handling
+  * Fixed Sizer and linked Sizer properties
+  * Fixed KeyError bug if renaming after recreating a control in the Designer.
+  * Fixed consistency problem with multi-line vs single-line indent and comment  
+    Thanks to Tim Diggins for report and initial patch
+  * Improved error messages in case of user changed GUI code. 
+-- 0.2.8 (CVS) --
+* Improved EOL handling
+  * Converting (Edit->Convert...)
+  * Mode switching (Edit->STC settings...)
+  * Warning when mixed EOLs are detected
+* Added application todo view
+  * On app module, Views->Application todos
+  * Gives navigatible app wide todo list
+* Much improved support for maskededit family of controls
+* Added page about Sizers to the application help
+  * It's not linked to yet, but can be opened in a browser,
+    at Docs/boa/apphelp/Sizers.html
+* Many bug fixes
+  * Fixed process freezing if printing > 4k text
+  * Sizer, Designer and Editor bugs
+  * BicycleRepairMan plug-in bugs
+-- 0.2.7 (CVS) --
+* Support for wxWizards
+  On the New Palette page see, wxWizard, wxPyWizardPage and
+  wxWizardPageSimple.
+  It is your own responsibility to create the pages and run
+  the wizard.
+* Support for the masked edit family of controls:
+  wxMaskedTextCtrl, wxIpAddrCtrl, wxMaskedComboBox,
+  wxMaskedNumCtrl, wxTimeCtrl, wxIntCtrl
+  wxPython is required.
+* Feature additions/fixes to the Debugger:
+  * Improved remote debugging capabilities by providing
+    client<->server filepath mappings.
+  * Added a Jump action/change execution point
+    supported by Python 2.3.
+  * Added script that supports hooking the Boa debugger
+    to sys.excepthook. See Debugger/sysexcepthook.
+* Improvements to sizers:
+  * Navigation to control/sizer by double clicking
+    in the collection editor on an item.
+  * Invalid sizer choices removed from the Sizer
+    property list.
+  * Less pedantic on which designer view you have to
+    click to create a new sizer or data object.
+    It now automatically switches to the right
+    designer view and creates the control there.
+  * Many sizer bugs fixed.
+* Improved process management
+  * Now using wxProcess instead of Python's popen.
+  * This means we have access to pids under windows
+    and also the ability to kill processes.
+  * A list of processes started from Boa is now available
+    as a page called Tasks in the Error/Output notebook.
+  * You will be prompted at shutdown if there are any
+    sub-processes still running.
+* Re-added non-us keyboard support.
+  Please test this if you use Alt-Gr.
+  Set under Preferences->General->Editor->handleSpecialEuropeanKeys
+  and euroKeysCountry
+* New toolbutton support through DoAddTool. This provides
+  labels and checked/radio tools.
+* Many bug fixes and small improvements.
+-- 0.2.6 (CVS) --
+* Micro release sorts out some issues on Linux and other small changes and fixes. 
+-- 0.2.5 (CVS) --
+* Collection Editors can now add multiple methods to collections
+  This means the following properties have these methods:
+  * wxToolBar.Tools : AddTool, AddContol, AddSeparator
+  * wxImageList.Images : Add, AddWithColourMask
+  * wxMenu.Items : Append, AppendMenu, AppendSeparator
+* Collection Editor items can be reordered by clicking the Up and Down 
+  arrows on the Collection Editor toolbar.
+* Support added for using Sizers in the Designer.
+  * All standard sizers added:
+    * wxBoxSizer, wxGridSizer, wxFlexGridSizer, wxStaticBoxSizer,
+      wxNotebookSizer
+    * They are available from the Containers/Layout page
+  * Sizers have their own view like the Data View.
+  * Visual cues and selectors are drawn around sizered controls in 
+    yellow and green.
+  * Can navigate to the sizer by right clicking on sizered selection tag 
+    (like Anchors)
+  * None values are used in empty Sizer items, this is valid in the
+    Designer, but you will be warned when a session is posted that still
+    contain these None values as they are not valid outside the Designer
+    and can cause wxPython to crash.
+    Items with None values are visually indicated with the standard
+    red dashed style.
+  * Connect Sizers to controls via the Sizer property of a control.
+  * Add sizer items (window, sizer and spacer items) from the Items 
+    collection property of a sizer (double-click)
+    Link the item to a window or sizer in the Inspector.
+  * Currently sizer layout is applied in addition to absolute coordinate
+    positioning and sizes. 
+    Hopefully this can be balanced to a best of both worlds approach.
+  * See Examples/layout/SizersInBoa.py
+* Python Resource modules now available as an alternative way to use
+  images.
+  * Accepts the format generated by wxPython.tools.img2py, only requires
+    that the file starts with this header: #Boa:PyImgResource:
+  * Resource modules have an Images view of their contents.
+  * Bitmap property editors can open resource modules and generate the 
+    appropriate code.
+  * The ImageEditor plug-in can convert images to PyImgResource modules.
+    It can also edit images directly inside resource modules.
+  * See Examples/images/ResourceModules/
+* EOL handling in source files have been completely redone.
+  * File EOL is now detected and used per file. New files use the OS
+    default.
+  * Copy pasting code into your source from outside Boa should no longer
+    cause mixed EOL issues on Windows.
+  * Files are now always opened in binary mode.
+  * At startup source templates (used by code genration) are initialised
+    with the OS default EOL. 
+    Tabs/Spaces in source templates are also set at startup.
+* ModuleFinder plug-in, enter the import name to find the file in
+  sys.path and open the module in the IDE. Available from Tools.
+* Converted the FormatParagraph IDLE extension to be a Boa plug-in.
+* Added wxTreeListCtrl and wxListView to the Palette.
+* Errors & Output notebook now has menu to load/save the history.
+* Many plug-ins now have their images embedded in their source.
+* Added feature to the debugger to display the value of a watch or a 
+  name in the Output window. 
+  * This is useful for big values like large lists or dicts.
+  * Ctrl-double-click is the shortcut for this action.
+* Also added Preference to minimize Debugger on running. Useful for GUI
+  apps.
+  Minimizing only works properly on Windows.
+* Support for editing/browsing tar.gz files, like zip files work now.
+* Editor toolbar should behave better on wxMAC.
+-- 0.2.4 (CVS) --
+* Pervasive changes was made to the code to use string methods. 
+  Also a few lambda -> list comprehension translations.
+* Added BicycleRepairMan (Python Refactoring) support.
+  First install BicycleRepairMan, then enable it under
+  Preferences->Plug-ins->Plug-in files
+  and restart Boa.
+  From the Edit menu the following actions are supported:
+  BRM - Find references
+  BRM - Find definition
+  BRM - Rename
+  BRM - Extract method
+  BRM - Extract local variable
+  BRM - Inline local variable
+  BRM - Undo last
+  From the File menu a module can be explicitly loaded into
+  the context.
+  Modules can also be added from the Explorer in file system
+  folders.
+* In the process of adding the BRM support, I extended Boa's
+  model/view/controller baseclasses to allow Plugins to extend
+  existing MVC interfaces.
+* Help Book support. Boa can now manage .hhp, .hhc and .hhk files.
+  Different views allow you to define the file list and
+  drag and drop to create the contents tree and indexes.
+* Help books available in the Boa help can now be changed under
+  Preferences->Help books in the Explorer.
+* Help now has a PyDoc help page, similar in functionality to
+  the Tkinter pydoc search dialog installed with Python, but
+  integrated in the Help window.
+* Zip Transport now allows write/clipboard operations.
+  Create a new blank archive by right clicking and selecting
+  New->Empty zip archive from a File system folder.
+* Default resource config files are now stored in Config and
+  no longer in the Boa root.
+  If $HOME is defined .boa-constructor is now used as default
+  instead of .boa, to be the same as the Debian boa.
+* Plugin Preference storage changes.
+  __init__.plug-in.py file no longer used.
+  To avoid writing to Plug-ins directory this info is now stored
+  in Explorer.*.cfg
+* Plug-ins can now automatically expose Preference settings,
+  available from: Preferences->Plug-ins->Preferences
+* Plug-in filetypes (Pascal, Java, Pyrex) now generate their
+  STC config files automatically and store them in the resource
+  config directory instead of in Plug-ins.
+* The Shell can now be either be the Boa Shell, PyCrust or
+  entirely turned off.
+  See Preferences->General->Shell->psPythonShell
+* The Explorer page can also be turned off, but this is not
+  recommended unless you have a good reason as things like
+  Preferences or Zope are only available through the Explorer.
+* Filesystem items can be Inspected to see file attributes like
+  creation and modification date.
+* wxSTC/wxHTMLWindow views now have the option to print.
+* A new Tools menu has been added to the main menu.
+* Simple regex editor/matcher window now available under Tools.
+  It's very simple but still handy.
+* New Palette page "wxPython.lib", currently only has wxGenStaticText.
+  This is now the recommended replacement for wxStaticText as it
+  behaves properly in the Designer on Linux.
+* Fixed bug in wxSplitterWindow companion where deletion could
+  lead to a crash.
+* Added explicit config files for the __WXMAC__ platform and also
+  hopefully improved initial layout.
+* Wrote a simple Explorer wrapper so the wxPython demo can be "hosted"
+  in Boa. I still use Robin's excellent demo often and it's handy to
+  have the code directly in Boa
+  Turned off by default, turn on under
+  Preferences->Plug-ins->Plug-in files, and restart Boa.
+* Input page, typically for non-gui Python scripts that read from
+  the keyboard (stdin).
+  It appears as a page on the TraceBack/Output/Error notebook.
+  To turn on choose: File->Toggle use input stream
+* Also new for the TraceBack/Error/Output notebook, it's history
+  can be browsed from the new buttons on the statusbar. 
+-- 0.2.3 (Release) --
+* Primarily a bugfix release
+* Some changes to improve handling of non-ASCII source, 
+  see Docs/boa/apphelp/NonASCII.html
+-- 0.2.2 (CVS) --
+* A bugfix release, mostly to handle wxNotebook.AddPage parameter signature 
+  change. 
+  * Script added to update generated code: Scripts/UpgradeNotebookParams.py
+-- 0.2.1 (CVS) --
+* A bugfix release, mostly to handle the "import string" problem.
+-- 0.2.0 (Release) --
+* Added Zope ExternalMethod for runtime hooking of the debugger.
+  No longer need to run z2.py from the IDE, see the Debugger page in the docs.
+* Changes to accommodate MacOS X, many, many problems remain, but Boa can now
+  at least start up on MacOS X! Thanks to Kevin Altis.
+* Added plug-in for using XRC files.
+* Many minor bug fixes
+-- 0.1.5 (CVS) --
+* Generated source can now be wrapped over multiple lines.
+  Lines are only broken up after commas, inside brackets,
+  but this works well enough.
+  3 new Preferences added to the General->Code generation
+  section. This feature is now on by default.
+* I've abandoned the strategy of renaming plug-ins to disable them. 
+  This was too unfriendly for things like CVS.
+  Also plug-ins can now be ordered.
+  Both these changes are implemented with a new file called
+  __init__.plug-in.py in your Plug-ins directory which defines the 
+  list of disabled and ordered plugin names.
+  Ordered plug-ins are executed first (in order!) 
+  Everything can be managed thru the GUI under
+  Preferences->Plug-ins->Plug-in files.
+* Improved Find/Replace dialog.
+  Now supports 'Find in files' and seaching in the Explorer.
+  Thanks to Roman Yakovenko for the patches!
+* Refactored Controller menu/toolbar definitions to use the
+  same format that View menu/toolbar definitions uses.
+  One visible result of this is that menu items can now display images.
+* Improved tab support. The frame designer can now properly generate 
+  tab indented code.
+  People who care about this, please test as I don't use this.  
+* Added ImageEditor.plug-in.py.
+  This is an image editor I hacked up ages ago.
+  (I needed masked PNG support!)
+  I just wrapped up the editor as a Boa View.
+  It's rough but it works ;)
+  (Hint: When editing images with masks, set the mask again before
+         saving, otherwise the previous mask is used)
+* Shortcut keys now work better on Linux (Ctrl-S works!!!).
+* Composite controls like wxGrid now work properly in the Designer 
+  on Linux.
+  Unfortunately many other controls still misbehave on Linux :(
+* Added wxSpinCtrl
+* Zope: Added SiteErrorLog support. 
+  Just delete your zoa folder in your Zope root and the new
+  zoa will be automatically installed.
+* Removed the bundled PyChecker from the repository.
+  Boa now tries to use the one installed on your system.
+-- 0.1.4 - alpha (CVS) --
+-- 0.1.3 - alpha (CVS) --
+02-02-02 - 02-08-08
+* Python 2.2 compatibility issues fixed
+* Feature rich out of process Debugger capable of debugging most Python.
+  * Tested with Python, wxPython, Tkinter, Zope
+  * Special Zope support allowing you to step and break in Python scripts
+     Also support for step and break in PageTemplates but for Zope 2.6
+* Many internal refactorings which includes moving the models and controllers 
+  into the Models package and making wxPython module support optional.
+  This implements many of the requirements from the wxIDLE discussuions.
+  Also all Zope support moved to the ZopeLib package.
+-- 0.1.1 - alpha (CVS) --
+-- 0.1.0 - alpha (Release) --
+01-05-01 - 02-01-28
+* Compatible with and now requires 2.3.2. 
+* Files can now be opened, edited and saved over any supported transport
+* Explorer improvements
+  * Clipboard improved, can copy/paste between any transports
+  * DAV transport added.
+  * Preferences are now be maintained in the Explorer tree as items in the 
+    Inspector.
+     * Many new preferences
+     * Key definitions editable
+     * Style editor for user defined source code styles, colours and fonts.
+* Pluggable components and transports
+  * New components , filetypes and transports can be added by putting the
+    module in the Plug-ins directory. Examples provided.
+* Support for opening html, xml, and c++ files
+* Extensive Zope support added
+* Complete integrated help for Boa, Python, wxPython and CVS.
+* The Help Tips have been expanded a lot, please work thru it as 
+   soon as possible as it contains essential information.
+* Much better support for using preferences stored in your home directory.
+* All image transparency issues resolved (using PNGs for everything)
+* Improved code completion, call tips and code browsing.
+* Syntax checking for Python source
+* New controls available from the Palette.
+* More properties added for standard controls
+* Resource usage under Win9x improved
+* Stability and speed improvements
+* Code generation is safer with rollback on errors and warnings for 
+  unexpected/incomplete code.
+* Improved integration between your code and generated code
+  * Special object attributes can be linked to properties
+  * The Designer can generate source for controls not directly supported from 
+    the Palette if you define it's name and equivalent class in a 
+    _custom_classes class attribute.
+-- 0.0.5 --
+00-09-01 - 01-03-18
+* New Getting Started Guide and Tutorial
+* Support for window layout with Anchors integrated with the Designer
+* Redid the Explorer, the following explorer types supported
+  * File/Package Explorer
+    * Can filter on all files for general purpose cliboard use
+  * CVS Explorer
+    * command line CVS needs to be installed successfully
+    * basic cvs functionality: browse, update, commit, add, 
+      remove, status, log, diff, tag, branch
+    * CVS conflicts view
+    * Cancelable progress dialog
+  * Zope Explorer 
+    * Management: Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, import, export
+    * Creation from the Palette
+    * Property management thru the Inspector
+  * SSH Explorer: Browse remote SSH accounts, e.g. SourceForge.
+    * SSH needs to be installed, remote keys must be uploaded
+    * Copy and paste to file clipboard
+    * Remote file operations
+  * Zip Explorer: Read only zip browsing like directories
+  * FTP Explorer: Browse FTP connections
+  * sys.path Explorer
+  * Config now handled thru the GUI, and edited in the Inspector.
+    No more messing with config files.
+* Replaced the Normal file dialog with Boa file dialog,
+  * Implemented with the Explorers
+  * Avoids the NT / STC / FileDialog problem
+  * Shows nice icons for Boa files
+  * Possible (not used yet) to browse to Zope/SSH/etc documents
+* Added Grid drawing (different optional styles) to background
+  of the Designer
+* Redid Designer selection logic (still buggy) to respect original
+  size, and handle non grid positions and sizes.
+  * Keyboard sizing and moving by 1 pixel increments
+* Clipboard functionality (Cut, copy, paste) implemented in
+  the frame Designer and Data view. (not perfect yet)
+* Multiple select (for grouped moving) implemented in the frame
+  designer
+  * Control Alignment and Size dialogs added (from right-click)
+* The necessary import code is automatically added to source
+* Sub properties now work correctly
+* Default actions supported, double-clicking on components 
+  can create:
+  * Default events (Like EVT_BUTTON)
+  * Open default properties (Like a Collection Editor for 
+    Toolbar tools)
+* The debugger works better, but suffers from same defects as
+  other in-process Python debuggers.
+  * Can browse (ctrl/mouse over) variable values, almost like
+    debugger tips in Delphi and other IDEs, only does single
+    word variables currently, clicking adds as watch.
+* Support for C++ source
+* Added ToolTipString property
+* Added Style constructor parameter
+* Python 2.0 compatibility
+* Traceback browser:
+  * jump to source from a tree ctrl showing exception tracebacks
+  * Create a traceback tree from a Boa.trace file
+* New palette look saving some space.
+* Modules are parsed when needed allowing snappier opening - Shane Hathaway
+* Auto created frames (main frame) works correctly.
+* Code browsing/jumping/marking history (back and forward buttons)
+* More code completion support (but not enough yet)
+  * wxPython methods for wxPython object decendants
+  * Attribute type and methods
+* Limited support for distutils (Setup module)
+  * support for py2exe
+-- 0.0.4 --
+00-03-01 - 00-08-30
+* Put the website into Zope 
+* Put application help into Zope 
+* Added CVS view to the Explorer
+* Links to wxWindows documentation from the Companion classes are now 
+  generated by a script
+* Moved all image loading into an ImageStore cache type object
+* Changed Boa to not have to be started in the Boa directory
+* Added find in application
+* Syntax highlighting editor
+  * Auto indent
+  * Smart delete
+  * Indent blocks
+  * Comment blocks
+  * Breakpoints & Tracepoints
+  * Code browsing (limited support)
+    Hold down ctrl and move the cursor over code, click on 
+    underlined code to browse to it
+  * Code completion, currently only object attributes self.*
+* OGL improvements including saving of position
+* Keyboard support in the Inspector, Editor and Designer
+* Added Zope interface
+* Fixed a lot of little bugs in the Inspector
+* Added a MenuBar for the Editor
+* Added About box
+* Made a subset of views optional
+* Added ClassLink property editor for controls linking to
+  other controls
+* Added FrameBars
+* Added the python profiler
+* Added Tim Peter's Cyclops, cycle finder
+* Controls that don't accept mouse clicks 
+  (wxNotebook, wxStaticLine, wxStaticBox)
+  are now selectable and dragable
+* Added context sensitive help (press F1 in source code)
+* Added CollectionEditors
+  These are new properties on components which provides 
+  design-time item list maintenance.
+  In the source, each Collection Editor looks after its
+  own method.
+  This is a rough first draft and will be refined.
+  A very big gotcha with most of these collection properties
+  is that they are not live. For most you will have to close 
+  open and reopen the Designer for changes to take effect :(
+  Please note that whitespace is even more meaningful
+  than usual ;) So leave generated code as is!
+  The following have been implemented to various degrees:
+  * wxListCtrl.Columns
+  * wxStatusBar.Fields
+  * wxImageList.Images (plus image enabled editor)
+  * wxNotebook.Pages
+  * wxWindow.Constraints
+  * wxToolBar.Tools (plus EVT_TOOL)
+  * wxMenuBar.Menus 
+  * wxMenu.Items (plus EVT_MENU)
+  Still to be implemented:
+  * wxAcceleratorTable.Entries (broken, doesn't fit yet)
+  * wxBoxSizers, wxStaticBoxSizer
+  * Sub menus
+  * Different types of insertion methods 
+* Directory compare (lib's cmp) and diff facilities (Tim Peter's ndiff)
+* Fixed many memory leaks and circular references
+-- 0.0.3 --
 Merged wxGTK changes back into source. Added wxGTK.py, wxMSW.py for platform 
 Added window id allocation
-Resized images to 16*16. This sorts out the last of the MSW incompatibilities GTK 
-changes caused
+Resized images to 16*16. This sorts out the last of the MSW incompatibilities 
+GTK changes caused
 Updated frame and ctrl renaming code to also maintain window ids
 Added wxStaticLine
 Started with watches in the debugger
-Added attributes to classes (moduleparse.Class.attributes, EditorViews.ExploreView)
+Added attributes to classes (moduleparse.Class.attributes, 
+ EditorViews.ExploreView)
 Added different help for Pygasm/wxPython/Python
 Added TextModel and TextView
 Many bug fixes
-Released! 0.0.3
+Released! 0.0.3

File Credits.txt

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-Sampled people and software 
-wxPython (Robin Dunn) & wxWindows (Julian Smart et al.) ofcourse
-Cliff Baeseman for sorting out wxGTK problems
+Thanks to Guido van Rossum and Python Labs for Python.
+wxPython (Robin Dunn) & wxWidgets (Julian Smart, Robert Roebling, Vadim Zeitlin, et al.) 
+Neil Hodgson for Scintilla
 moduleparse.py borrows from pyclbrs.py - standard python library
 uses PythonInterpreter.py by Fredrik Lundh
-debugger based on IDLE's debugger by Guido van Rossum
-Mozilla & Delphi for iconic inspirations
+Debugger GUI originally based on IDLE's debugger by Guido van Rossum
+Mozilla, Delphi, WinCVS for iconic inspirations
+Cyclops, ndiff by Tim Peters
+Client.py and the DateTime package from Digital Creations for Zope integration
+PyChecker by Neal Norwitz & Eric C. Newton
+py2exe by Thomas Heller
+babeliser.py by Jonathan Feinberg and Babelfish for translation
+David Adams' Speller, an xml-rpc spellchecker server
+Jeff Sasmor for wxStyledTextCtrl docs
+Hernan M. Foffani for ZopeShelf from which the Zope Book was converted
+Phil Dawes et al for the Bicycle Repair Man project, a Python refactoring package
+The authors of CVS, SSH, SCP
+People who have helped out or contributed:
+Shane Hathaway <shane@zope.com>
+* Bug fixes and obtimizations
+* Out of process debugger
+Kevin Gill <kevin@focussed.com>
+* Tutorial
+* Many bug fixes
+* wxStyledTextCtrl speedups on wxGTK (Not needed/used anymore)
+* Feature additions
+  * Multiple inheritance in Hierarchy view
+  * UMLView popup menu for navigation
+Robert Boulanger <robert@bluedynamics.com>
+* Initial Zope/xmlrpc integration 
+Tim Hochberg <tim.hochberg@ieee.org>
+* Find/replace
+* Socket server mode
+Mike C Fletcher <mcfletch@home.com>
+* MakePy dialog
+* Much improved UML layout
+Marius van Wyk and Kevin Altis
+* MacOS X support
+Roman Yakovenko
+* Improved Find dialog
+* Clipboard plus
+Cedric Delfosse
+* Debian package
+* Bug fixes
+Werner Brunin
+* Mailing list help
+* Tutorial updates
+* Bug reports and fixes
+* Help with the 2.5 Upgrader
+Also thanks to Kevin Light, Paul Sorenson, Oleg Deribas, Patrick 'O Brien, 
+John Bell, Gerrit van Dyk, Cliff Baeseman, Larry Poorman and anyone else 
+I may have forgotten!


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-Boa Constructor (was Pygasm)
+- Boa Constructor -
 Thanks for checking out Boa Constructor.
-Boa is supposed to be a simple Delphi for wxPython.
-One of the philosophies I try to keep with is to purely be a time/effort saving
-code generator, not a library/framework. This is the principle behind storing
-object data as source code code as opposed to some pickled datastructure or
-fileformat or something.
+Boa aims to be a simple Delphi for wxPython.
+It is an IDE for Python development including visual wxPython frame
+design, object browsers, documentation generation, debugging,
+source control (CVS) and much more.
+The Boa IDE also integrates with other Python technologies like 
+Distutils, Zope, PyChecker, BicycleRepairMain.
+If you are new to Boa and wxPython, work through the Getting Started Guide
+and Tutorial.
+Look at Changes.txt for the latest improvements.
+Look at Bugs.txt for info about problems & bugs.
+P.S. The short name is Boa, *not* BOA. 
+Boa is not an acronymn, it's the name of a huge Python ;)
+0.4.0 - Alpha
+Requires wxPython 2.5, Python 2.3/2.4
+wxPython 2.4 is no longer supported.
+Please use version 0.3.1 for wxPython 2.4 development.
+For upgrading code from wxPython 2.4 to wxPython 2.5 please
+see the upgrade guide at:
+Also the wxPython migration guide at:
+Under the Tools menu an upgrader script is provided. Note that it only
+upgrades common wx names and parameter changes, manual inspection and fixes
+will still be needed. Also the upgrader should be run *before* manually
+changing any of the code.
-Riaan Booysen 1999, 2000
+Riaan Booysen 1999 - 2005
-Second release: Boa Constructor 0.0.3 - Yet Another Preview Version
-Built with wxPython 2.1.13
+Release history:
-Please unzip this to an empty directory
+2005-03-17 - Boa Constructor 0.4.0
-This is definately still a pre alpha version. Anything may change and
-a lot of things are missing or incomplete.
+2004-08-25 - Boa Constructor 0.3.1
+2004-08-17 - Boa Constructor 0.3.0
-Changes of note:
-* wxGTK compliant :)
-* Window identifiers
-* Buggy Debugger
-* Explorer
-* Framework for utility objects (wxImageList)
-  Not useful yet, but it's a start
-* Funky dynamic toolbar
-* Searchable help
-* Find in module
-  I've been avoiding all work on the source editor until there is a better 
-  editor available, but I could not function without 'find'
-* Dialogs
-  Quick and dirty implementation, clicking on the dialog template
-  inserts the standard idiom of usage at the current position in the
-  source
+2003-04-01 - Boa Constructor 0.2.3
+2003-01-13 - Boa Constructor 0.2.0
-Tings to tinker with:
-If your sizing isn't right or files aren't being found, please
-check out Preferences.py, Prefs*.py, Explorer.*.cfg
-It might help.
+2002-01-28 - Boa Constructor 0.1.0 alpha
-To define your own explorer filesystem (drives/shares/volumes) or 
-workspaces edit Explorer.*.cfg
+2001-03-29 - Boa Constructor 0.0.5
-Note to GTK users, by default transparency for wxGenBitmapButtons is 
-off under GTK. If you think your wxGenBitmapButtons work fine you
-should try turning transparency on in PrefsGTK.py.
+2000-08-30 - Boa Constructor 0.0.4
+2000-02-29 - Boa Constructor 0.0.3
-Existing code:
-If you actually did something useful with Pygasm and you want to open
-previously generated modules, change the following in the code (before
-you open it in Boa):
-* replace #Pygasm:?:? with #Boa:?:?
-  this is the module identifier and would be near the top of the module
-* replace _init_create with _init_ctrls
-* add method this method
-def _init_utils(self): 
-    pass
-and call it in __init__ before _init_ctrls
-def __init__(self, parent): 
-    self._init_utils()
-    self._init_ctrls(parent)
-First release: Preview Version
-Built with wxPython 2.1.11
-This is still a pre alpha release. Even tho I believe a project has to have some level of
-maturity before it can be opened up, there are various reasons I decided to release now:
-* Hopefully someone can get it wxGTK compatible
-* Pygasm has progressed beyond proof of concept (I hope)
-* It's christmas
-* Big personal milestone (this should have been alpha, but oh well)
-* I need feedback
-* Find out who's interested
-What you should be able to do:
-	* Create new modules (Clicking a button from the 'New' page on the Palette)
-	* Open/close/save python/pygasm modules and packages (Toolbar on the Editor or Explorer)
-	* Check out the various views on the source code (Pages on the module's page)
-	* Interact with views (Right click on a view for options)
-	* Open the Designer (On a frame module, click the button with the cursor image)
-	* Visually add/size/move controls
-	* Inspect/edit object selection/properties/events/constructor with the Inspector
-	* Generate/update source code (By closing the Designer or clicking Post in the inspector)
-        * View Help (On the Palette, select a object on the palette before clicking on help)
-        * Debug simple scripts
-What isn't working:
-	* Keyboard shortcuts for Editor & Inspector. (not implemented)
-        * Inspector pages sometimes resize wrong, if a button is missing,
-	  resize the inspector a bit to fix it
-	* Sub-properties, a few bugs
-        * Debugger
-	* Many other things if you're interested see Bugs.txt
-        * Text modules are semi-broken
-	* Not prompted when overwriting a file
-	* Not nearly enough Property editors are implemented yet
-	* Cut, Copy & Paste
-	* Multiple selection
-	* Collection editors, for controls hosting lists of objects.
-	* Visual sizer creation/maintenance
-	* Integration of a syntax highlighting editor! I cannot live without this
-	  and many other editor features. I currently use IDLE.
-	* Preferences for some configurability
-Riaan Booysen
+1999-12-25 - Pygasm 0.0.1 & 0.0.2

File __version__.py

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-version = '0.4.0-pre'
+version = '0.4.0'
 wx_version = (2, 5, 1, 3)
 wx_version_max = None # set to None to have no upper version check