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The default branch has multiple heads

  • 2011-12-27

    • web-socket-js now speaks WebSocket defined in RFC 6455, which is equivalent to hybi-13 to hybi-17. It no longer supports old draft protocols.
  • 2011-12-17

    • web-socket-js now uses MozWebSocket when available. i.e. When you load web_socket.js, WebSocket is defined as alias of MozWebSocket when available.
  • 2011-09-18

    • web-socket-js now speaks WebSocket version hybi-10. Old versions spoke hixie-76. If you really need web-socket-js which speaks hixie-76, you can get it from hixie-76 branch, but the branch is no longer maintained. Implementation of hybi-10 is mostly done by Joel Martin (kanaka).
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