MyIOTest / myiotest / static / test.html

The default branch has multiple heads

<script src=""></script>

var socket = new io.Socket(null, {rememberTransport: false,
                                  transports: ['websocket', 'xhr-multipart', 'xhr-polling', 'jsonp-polling']});
socket.on('message', function(obj){
  console.log("message:", JSON.stringify(obj));
  if ((obj.type == "memorized") || (obj.type == "forgot")) {
    // do some tihngs...
  else if (obj.type == "new_content") {
  else if (obj.type == "privacy_changed") {
  else if (obj.type == "photos_sent") {
    $('#intrentry-post-photos div.upload').empty();
socket.on('error', function(obj) {
  console.log("error", obj);
socket.on('disconnect', function(obj) {
  console.log("disconnected", obj);
  socketio_notification("Disconnected", "There was a disconnection, either because of network or server failure");
var connection_notification = null;
socket.on('connect', function() {
  // Comment out if you don't use the auto-reconnect machinery:
  socket.send({type: "connect", context: "interest", interest_id: "${intr['_id']}"});

// Use this:

// Or this is optional auto-reconnect machinery:

function socketio_schedule_reconnect() {
  setTimeout(function() { if (!socket.connected && !socket.connecting) { socketio_reconnect("reconnect");}}, 1000);
function socketio_reconnect(func) {
  console.log("connecting... ", socket);
  if (func == "connect") {
    socketio_notification("Connecting", "Connecting...");
  if (func == "reconnect") {
    socketio_notification("Re-connecting", "Attempting to reconnect...");
function socketio_notification(title, msg) {
  if (connection_notification) {
    connection_notification = null;
  if (title) {
    connection_notification = notify_default(title, msg);
$(document).ready(function() {


   hello world
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