pymite / LICENSE

Python-on-a-Chip and PyMite Licensing

:Author: Dean Hall


The Python-on-a-Chip program consists of the PyMite virtual machine,
ports to specific platforms, libraries, tests, tools and documentation.
This document explains the licensing terms of the different components
of the Python-on-a-Chip program.

The Python-on-a-Chip program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

The following table explains which license applies to which files
in the Python-on-a-Chip program:

=====================   ========================================================
The files in . . .      are licensed under the . . .
=====================   ========================================================
src/vm/                 `The MIT License`_
src/lib/                `The MIT License`_
src/platform/           `GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1`_
src/tests/              `The MIT License`_
src/tools/              `The MIT License`_
docs/                   `The MIT License`_
=====================   ========================================================

.. _`The MIT License`:


Dean Hall is the copyright holder for all files in src/vm.
Dean Hall is the majority copyright holder for all other files
in Python-on-a-Chip with these exceptions:

Bryan Jones contributed all files in src/platform/pic24.
James Snyder contributed all files in src/platform/stm32.

Python-on-a-Chip was formerly offered under a dual-license:
a commercial license and the GPL.  On 2012/08/29, Dean Hall
changed the license to the MIT License for all files except those
in src/platform/.  This license change applies only to the r09 release
and specifically does not apply to the software in the repository under
the v10 branch.

Net Effect

The cumulitive effect of the licensing above results in the r09 code having
a very liberal license and obtaining a commercial license from Dean Hall is
no longer necessary for the r09 code.

.. :mode=rest:
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