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The people running twitter are completely inept and broke your timeline yesterday, so I got drunk on some Boru vodka and wrote this Python script, which iteratively scrapes the HTML from each of your friend's timelines and coalesces the tweets together, reconstructing your timeline. I had a pretty good buzz so it only dumps out the tweets so far. I'll add an interface or actual features if nobody else makes a twitter client that works like this (feel free to take this code.) If you have a lot of friends, the script will take a long time to run. It fetches a page for every friend you have.

  • Q: How do I use it?
  • A: python username password, j/k to scroll down/up, q to quit. It will take a while for the interface to appear after you run the command.
  • Q: What do I need to install first?
  • A: sudo easy_install urwid && sudo easy_install beautifulsoup
  • Q: I got an error
  • A: Probably twitter's servers messing up. There's no error catching in the script yet. Run it again.
  • Q: How do I refresh my timeline?
  • A: Quit the script (q) and run it again.
  • Q: Doesn't this hammer their servers if I have more than a couple of friends?
  • A: That is too bad.

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