SLA target date calculation bug for paused statuses

Issue #161 resolved
Yuriy Oglabyak
created an issue

Hi team.

We use SLA pauses for statuses which require reporter actions, and this should not affect SLA counter, i.e. a countdown has to proceed from a value where it stopped once an issue leaves a pause status.

In the example below you can see issue details. Status “Complete” is marked in SLA configuration as paused. SLA starts in “Open” and ends in “Confirmed” (not reached in this case). SLA is 5 days. ~two days passed from open to complete status, then SLA stopped and “SLA target date” continued to grow. When I clicked “Reopen”, SLA continued from proper countdown and showed ~3 days left. But “SLA target date” is not calculated properly. It shows value far in the past… Actually, I can’t even understand where it took “Jun 7”. Proper value had to be “Aug 20” or so.

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