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We try your jira add-ons but we have problem with the “pause timer“ option in a “Time Between Two Status custom field”

We configure a simple “Time Between Two Status custom field“ that we call “Working Time” with a Pause Options on status “On Standby” as you can see in "conf1.jpg" "conf2.png"

For example, with a simple test Issues, we have this “Stateoscope” : see "conf3.png"

We want to pause timer when the Issues is “On Standby” status. So in this example, we should have a “Working time” of 20s + 7s = 27 seconds, but we have a working time of 20s + 22s + 7s = 49 seconds : see in "conf4.png"

Do we forget anything ?

We are on JIRA 7.0.4

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