Counter field to capture number of time the custom field has changed

Issue #196 resolved
Vinay Shekar S
created an issue

Can you please implement below feature in your plugin?

Feature: Counter field to capture number of time the custom field has changed

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks Vinay

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  1. Vinay Shekar S reporter

    Thanks Tuncay for your prompt support. Appreciate your help.

    I see this version supports only Jira7+. Ubfortunatley ours is Jira6.4. Need to plan for upgrade

    Regards Vinay

  2. Vinay Shekar S reporter

    Hi Tuncay,

    Thanks. I am able to upgrade plugin and create custom field of type “Field Change Counter”.

    Can you guide how to configure so that it will display the value? I haven’t seen the details in documentation.

    Thanks Vinay

  3. Vinay Shekar S reporter


    I have added field to the view issue screen and changed the field value. See screenshot.

    But I still see the value as 0.





    Thanks Vinay

  4. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner

    Hi Vinay,

    Where did you create custom field?
    If you created the custom field using JIRA > Admin > Issues > Custom Fields then please delete it.
    Go to JIRA > Admin > JEP Menu > Custom Field Configuration, and switch to tab Counters, and add counter field choosing "Field Change Counter"

  5. Vinay Shekar S reporter

    Sorry last question, Is it possible to change the field selected once the counter field is added.

    Consider I created a counter field by name "QA Change Counter" that counts # of times "QA Start Date" Changed got changed. Now I need to change the field from "QA Start Date" to "QA End Date"


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