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Hello -

Currently, this gadget gives average time between defined statuses by creation date. This does not allow a team to use this to track their cycle time for work completed during a specific week.

I do not think our teams are unique in that we our sprints are made up of issues.stories created at various times. Our teams would like to answer the question: "of the stories we chose to play this week, how quickly did we move between these defined statuses?"

To do that, he chart should be based on the time that the issue entered the target status. If the field is configured to track only the first time it entered the target status, then use the first time. If it is configured to use the last - or cumulative - then use the last time the issue entered target status.

I do not think that would be confusing for anyone, and, I suspect, is what many people assume is happening.

Thanks! Ben Friedman

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  1. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner

    Hi Ben,

    I was working on this issue and sorry that I confused and gave you a wrong info. This chart uses the origin status date in x-axis.
    For instance if you select TB from In Progress to Resolved, it uses the In Progress Date of the issue. It does not use creation date.
    I will try to add config item to select origin/target date instead.


  2. Ben Friedman

    Thanks Tuncay - that's right. Sorry for the confusion -- I did more testing and see that it does use the origin status date. It would be great if we could choose to use the target status date.

  3. Daniel Eads

    Hi Tuncay,

    Are there plans to backport this feature to the 4.x version of the plugin? We're still on JIRA 6.4 (updating to 7.x is on our roadmap for later in the year). I sysadmin @Ben Friedman 's JIRA, and he is really excited about using this feature. Sorry for the hassle!

    Thanks, Daniel

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