Pause feature not working in all cases - test enviornment

Issue #214 resolved
Rebecca haviv
created an issue

Using JIRA 6.3.6, Enhancer Plugin 4.20.2 on local enviornment - testing prior to purchase

I configured two Time Between Two Status fields. One up until Closed, pausing at 3 different statuses (Awaiting Feedback, Awaiting Resubmit and Awaiting External), and another which is up until Awaiting Resubmit, pausing at the same statues. If Awaiting Resubmit was the status directly before Closed, the results should be almost identical. Also, a handful of the issues are registering a time of 0 between status. I can't figure out why. I have configured a Working Calendar to reflect that we work Sundays and not Fridays, but this should not impact the pause issue. Are the logs accessable so that I can try to troubleshoot? Is there a configuration step I am missing? Results in the filter - stateoscope for circled issue (for example) is below: Filter.jpgstateoscope.jpg Pauses`1.jpg

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  1. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner

    Hi Rebecca,

    At first glance, you're definitely right. Your config and expectations are quite true.
    However the devil is in the details, so I need more info.

    Are both TB fields configured with the same calendar? Any chance to paste screenshots of both configs?


  2. Rebecca haviv reporter

    When I click on the field(s) in the issue itself, and in the filter, nothing happens. I do see the roll-over message telling me that if I click I can see the details, but nothing.

  3. Rebecca haviv reporter

    Hi Tuncay, This works for the first time the issue is in any of the paused states. But IF the issue is CLOSED and then re-opened by an admin (this shouldn't happen often, but it does) and then the issue loops back to the same paused state, on the second time around it does not stop the clock. In one instance it even returned a negative number. Is that a limitation of the program or an extension of this issue? Paused statuses are Awaiting Feedback, Awaiting Resubmit, Waiting on External and Closed.

    stateoscope.jpg transitions2.jpgtime.JPG

  4. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks again. For sure it is not by design. And this is a new bug introduced with the fix.
    Anyway, nice to hear that we covered the actual part, and we will be working on this new bug ASAP.


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