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Twitter Plugin for JIRA

Welcome to Twitter Plugin for JIRA wiki page!
Twitter Plugin for JIRA is fully open source.

NameTwitter Plugin for JIRA
JIRA Version6.0 -
AuthorTuncay Senturk
Issue Tracking
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Socialize your JIRA with Twitter Plugin

This plugin makes you follow JIRA projects via Twitter. You may be notified by all of your workflow steps that you want, and you may create issues or comment on issues by just using your Twitter account.

Just configure the plugin with a Twitter account(application) of your company or JIRA project, then do your basic JIRA works within Twitter, even if you do not have a connection to your company.

Twitter Plugin for JIRA's basic functions :

  • Project notifier via Twitter : By defining workflow post function(s), you will be able to see every issue actions as tweets. For instance, you may define a post function as "Notify followers, whenever an issue is created" or "Notify followers, when an "Improvement" issue is resolved", and so on. You may change tweet content as a simple runtime configuration.

  • Creating issue via Twitter : With a single tweet (mentioning to project account), you will be able to create an issue within the project.

  • Commenting on an issue : By replying to any tweet, you will be able to comment on the issue.

Installation and Usage

Twitter settings

  1. Create a twitter account ( (FooProject has been created for demo)

  2. If you do not want public users, except your internal users, to see your JIRA issues via Twitter, you have to check tweet privacy in your Twitter settings

    Tweet privacy setting

  3. Visit to acquire consumer key, and consumer secret

  4. Select read/write access

    Twitter read/write access

  5. Click "Create an application" link (

  6. Set a callbackUrl Don't forget to set a callback URL. You may set it to any value except blank. For instance, The right callback URL will be given by the Twitter Plugin in the runtime.}}

  7. Follow the instruction in the Twitter creating application site

Twitter Plugin for JIRA settings

alert.png All documentation is done using JIRA 5.1.4

  • You may pick any workflow transition to add Twitter notification. Let's add a Twitter notification to "Create Issue" transition

  • Edit your workflow and click "View Post Functions" menu item

    View Post Functions Link

  • Click "Add" link to create your own Twitter post function

    Add Post Function link

  • In the upcoming screen select "Tweet postfunction"

    Select Tweet postfunction

    Then click Ok button

  • Add your own template. Here you may enter whatever you want (Not only static data but also the dynamic data)

    Modify your tweet template

    (I'm going to define a template just as below)

    "New issue has been created. $newline 
    $issue.key $issue.summary $newline 
    Reporter : $issue.reporter.displayName $newline 
    Assignee : $issue.assignee.displayName" 

Do not worry about the $ characters and dynamic velocity parameters. Some important velocity parameters are listed in Velocity Parameter section below.

(Note : if you are creating a post function to "Create Issue", and you want to use issue's key, you have to move down the "twitter post function" after "Creates issue originally" function. JIRA has to create issue in order to get key value :) )

Moving down the tweet postfunction

Moving down the tweet postfunction

  • Publish workflow in the upper right menu button

    Publish workflow

  • Now, it's time to configure Twitter Plugin for JIRA by clicking "Plugins > Twitter Plugin For JIRA" administration menu

    Twitter Plugin Configuration Link

    Be careful Remember not to have any logged in account to other than Jira account that we will give authorization

In the Main settings page;

Twitter Plugin Main Configuration Page View

  • You can see your license status

  • If you do not want anyone except your followers to create issues on your JIRA system, you have to check "Only followers may create issues" checkbox. If this checkbox is checked, plugin will control the Twitter user. If he/she is not in your follower list, he/she can not create issues on your system.

  • Select the JIRA project that Twitter listener will create issues within this project whenever tweets arrive

  • Pick the JIRA user who will be the reporter of that issue (as long as we do not have any relationship with JIRA user and Twitter account)

  • Likely you have to select the issue type

  • There is a link to Twitter account configuration page. You have to authorize your Twitter account once. If you click the link you will see "Authorize your Twitter Account" page as below
    Authorize your Twitter Account Page View
    In this page, you can see Twitter Plugin's status as Running or Stopped. And there are links to change the status as "Restart" and "Stop". To authorize Twitter account, you have to edit your Consumer key and Consumer secret, andthen click to the "Authorize application" button. This will get you through Twitter site to authorize your Twitter account.
    Authorize your Twitter Account

    Click Authorize App button and this will get you back to your JIRA admin site.

    Redirecting to JIRA

Twitter Plugin in action

  • Create an issue with "New Feature" issue type. (Because we added a post function, to send a tweet, whenever an issue is created with issue types of "New feature" or "Improvement")

    Create issue

  • You will see that a tweet has been sent from @FooProject twitter account

    Twitter notification of newly created issue

  • Let's reply to the tweet with a follower of @FooProject

    Replying tweet via Twitter

  • As expected, reply text will be a comment to the issue (with twitter account name below)

    Reply tweet is now a comment on issue

    Only replies to defined Twitter account will be comment However, only replies to defined Twitter account (here it is @FooProject) will add a comment on issue.

  • What if we want to create a new issue via Twitter? That's so simple. Just tweet with annotating twitter account that you configured. (Here it is @FooProject)

    Creating issue via Twitter

  • Issue is created

    Tweet is now a new issue on JIRA

Velocity Parameters

Velocity ParameterMeaning
$newlinenew line (Enter character
$issueAll issue properties are under this parameter.
See link
or some important parameters are below
$issue.createdIssue's created date
$issue.descriptionIssue's description
$issue.dueDateIssue's due date
$issue.environment─▒ssue's environment
$issue.estimateIssue's estimation value
$issue.keyIssue's key value (e.g FOO-18)
$issue.affectedVersionsCollection of Version.
See link
or some important parameters are below
$issue.affectedVersion.nameName of the version
$issue.affectedVersion.descriptionDescription of the version
$issue.affectedVersion.releaseDateRelease Date of the version
$issue.fixVersionsSame as $issue.affectedVersions
$issue.assignee.displayNameDisplay name of the user that the issue is assigned to
$issue.assignee.nameUsername of the user that the issue is assigned to
$issue.assignee.emailAddressEmail address of the user that the issue is assigned to
$issue.reporter.displayNameDisplay name of the user that the issue is created by
$issue.reporter.nameUsername of the user that the issue is created by
$issue.reporter.emailAddressEmail address of the user that the issue is created by
$issue.issueTypeObjectIssue's type object, see details (