Improve the countdown in filter and in card layout on kanban boards

Issue #116 closed
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson created an issue

The TTS countdown is unusable in filters and kanban boards due to the size/format of text string

Attached is TTS on filter as well as how this was solved in Vertigo and an kanban card which shows the countdown text is pushed out of the card when the sla is overdue.

It would be fantastic if an color code might be used on kanban card as well but that might be out of your control to fix.

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  1. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson reporter

    Employees have started forming lynchmob and light torches about this one since it's quite the change in usability for them and takes more screen space on dashboards.
    Did you have a chance to start looking into this one? ( Ignore the Kanbard board since it's out of your scope to fix that one I believe )

  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Johann,

    Within this release I'm gonna make it configurable so that you will be able to get the result as
    1. Long format: (default and same way as it is now) 3 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
    2. Short format: 3d 4h 5m 6s

  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    In Custom field configuration page, you can now configure time format to be long (default) and short.

  4. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson reporter

    It looks like you forgot to fix overdue by removing the (SLA Overdue ) line + it should only display number of days not weeks or months or year and arguably you should remove seconds from the display as well ( to accommodate for say 100d ) so you always end up with 1d1h1m format

  5. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    So you want
    - remove (SLA Overdue)
    - color as red so that user can understand it has overdue
    - also use (minus) rather than (SLA Overdue) because Kanban board (as in your sample) view can not be colored and it may be confusing if there is an overdue.

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