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Issue #146 resolved
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This bug appears when editing the custom fields from TTS and changing the "Including SLAs".

Version = TTS 5.7.0

When you check the box "All SLAs" all SLA definitions will be marked, but once you uncheck a SLA definition, none of the SLA definitions will be saved. A suggestion here could be, that you added a box of which you could check to mark all SLA definitions, and then afterwards it would be possible to uncheck SLA definitions you don't want to include.

Another thing: When you edit the including SLAs configuration afterwards, say you added a new SLA definition, which you want included: Once you click "Configure" you can see that all SLA definitions are unchecked, and you have to check to all, including the onces you just added. Expected behaviour: All SLA definitions that was checked before editing the configuration should still be checked when you configure the field later on, and it should be possible to just check the new SLA definitions you want to add to the configuration.

This is giving me a lot of problems, as I have to check 250+ SLA definitions, everytime I add another SLA definition to the field.

Please let me know, if this is unclear, and I will provide you with further information.

Best Regards, Frederik B. Kristiansen

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