Unable to search for failing soon issues

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It looks like the built in basic JQL ends up using fixed time which in turn excludes the possible to create a search criteria to use in filters.

For example if one would want to see continuously issue failing within the next two hours one would create jql that would contain < "2h" AND > "0h"

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Could you please give us more details?
    - Which JQL function(s) is the subject to the issue?
    - How do you believe that it should be implemented? Samples would be appreciated.


  2. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson

    The usecase here is that team leaders want to able to create filter that continues shows issues failing soon on SLA ( used in dashboards ) so they can react in time to meet the sla contract for a customer.

    When you try to create filter that does this in TTS you end up with a fixed number and an JQL that is out of context with what the user defined.

    So if you look at the screenshot here, the user was trying to create a filter that showed all issues that still had time ( >= 0 ) but where failing within next two hours ( <=2h ).

    TTS simple JQL UI came up with this

    "Time to SLA" <= "1452246825463" AND "Time to SLA" >= "1452246823463"

    For the first the user expected to see this

    "Time to SLA" <= "2h" AND "Time to SLA" >= "0h"

    Then he expected to see all issues that were always failing within the next two hours not just those that were failing from the exact time he created the search

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