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Markus Hein created an issue

Hi Tuncay, In contradiction to #166 and #182 we have a different kind of contracts for SLA with some customer: The SLA for "first action" should never start again or continue countdown after reaching the "SLA End" status. Also not when a transition moves the issue back to one of the the "SLA Start" status, if this transition don't include the post function "TTS - reset SLA". No matter what happens to the issue, the SLA for "first action" should be performed only once (except the post function resets this SLA in any step). In following workflow TTS_20160316c.JPG and following SLA-definition TTS_20160316e.JPG this SLA continues with the countdown after the transition form "customer action" to "New", although the check box "multiple transitions?" is not checked in the SLA definition.

Is there any possibility to achieve behavior as mentioned above?

Thanks, Markus

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Markus,

    Sorry, but you can't do this with Time to SLA Plugin.
    TTS listens to the issue changes and whenever it finds SLA start status, it starts SLA.
    To prevent this action, we need to add a config option, saying that finished issues according to SLA, will not count again. We need to add this config because many customers want to get cumulative SLA data for all occurrences.
    and it will confuse the user interface


  2. Markus Hein reporter

    Hi, we still Need the possibility, that an SLA-configuration will run only one time! And I'm sure, that we are not the only company with such contracts with our customer. e.g. SAP AG has the same way to count the time for "first action". For my situation it would be sufficient, if you interpret the flag "Multiple transitions?" as "count this single step only once", if it is not marked. for a clean solution, you should add a config option. Thanks in advance.

  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    OK Markus,

    You convinced me ;)
    I'll add a checkbox 'Only First Execution' and if checked it will only calculate for the first execution.
    I think this will open doors to those who might say 'I need Last Execution' :)

  4. Markus Hein reporter

    Hi, good news! thanks for it! I am already very excited ;-)

    Issue #182: this is something complete different, because #182 belongs to the other type of SLA's which is NOT running only once! But at the moment #182 is not so urgent for me, because I use for this contracts the pause option (as work around) for the status which is not in the workflow of the relevant sla definition ... I will decrease the priority of #182...

    Thanks, Markus

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