Expired license makes a JIRA reindex very slow

Issue #185 resolved
MattS created an issue

When the eval license for plugin_6112599983985878261_time-to-sla-plugin-5.7.0.jar expired we left it still installed. But when we next started a reindex it ran very slowly because your plugin was logging an error for every issue. And we have 2 million issues.

{noformat} 2016-03-17 22:32:07,387 IssueIndexer:thread-18 ERROR jghosh 1214x537x1 iwdfxf, /secure/admin/IndexReIndex.jspa [jira.plugins.a.d] [Time to SLA Plugin for JIRA] No Valid License Installed {noformat}

Please would you reduce the log verbosity so that this is not displayed for every issue that is indexed. It's enough to tell a JIRA admin once that the eval license has expired, no need to slow down the rest of JIRA

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