TTS Pie Chart is doublecounting issues

Issue #189 closed
Krzysztof Lembke
created an issue

Hey, I have noticed that current way of displaying values on Pie Chart is misleading. Issues are double counted:

Paused series vs Progress series might include the same issue Example: Issue is "on hold" status and this status is Pausing SLA (Paused), but issue may still not breach SLA (Progress)

This make that % share is not correct

Proper approach shall be that: Paused = tts.issuesSlaPaused() Progress = tts.issuesStillHaveTime() AND NOT tts.issuesSlaPaused()

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi again,

    You're right, "Progress" was counting paused as well, since its name is "Progress" it should not count "Paused" statuses.
    Bug will be fixed within next release (very soon)

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