Display linked issue's SLA fields (instead of "cloned")

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Markus Hein created an issue

Hi Tunkay,

For "support issues" we create "development issues" in the background in an other (internal) project. Only the support issues in the "support project" can be seen by the customers. When we create such a development issue, we link both issues with a special link type, which we added in our installation. We would like to use your feature "display cloned issue's SLA fields", but we would need to enter our special link type in the customizing, otherwise the system can't find the correct relationship... Would it be possible to increase the functionality in that way in near future?

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Markus,

    You can find this feature within TTS 6.10.0 & 5.15.0 versions.
    Thanks for the feedback

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