SLA searching and sorting problem

Issue #207 resolved
Jason Murphy
created an issue

When searching for SLA's the results we are getting are not correct. When searching between times we are getting far too few tickets (for instance between 1h and 100d should return almost all tickets but instead returns only 20). When searching for tickets that have a limited time left we are getting tickets with far too much time. In general all searches involving the SLA are not correct with issues either showing incorrectly or not displaying.

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  1. Jason Murphy reporter

    We have done some testing and found that we had a collation issue on the database, this has been fixed but the issue still remains. Issues that are paused do not filter out, a few issues show regardless of time to SLA filtering. Other issues seem to filter almost correctly but the filter for time to SLA is wrong since i have a ticket with 1700 hours remaining, it won't display if i look for <1800h but will display if i search for <2600 (or higher).

  2. Jason Murphy reporter

    I've just realised that the time to SLA filter doesn't check for the number of hours until SLA, it instead checks against the number of hours until the SLA's target date. This explains how the 1700 hours displays only when searching for <2600 hours, we use a 13 hour work day. I'm still wondering why paused SLA's show regardless of the filter?

  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Jason,

    This issue is similar with #201 and #107
    Issue navigator search against JIRA index and indexing is done upon issue changes. When the issue is in paused status expected target date changes every second which means it is not indexed while it is changing.

    This is somehow a difficult issue for us but we have some plans to get more accurate results even in paused statuses.
    But it will take a while.
    Thanks for the feedback

  4. Jason Murphy reporter

    Is there any plan on the time to sla searching against time remaining rather than time to target date? As it is the search looks wrong, issues with 100 (work) days remaining only show up when searching for issues with less than 150 days.

  5. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    As you mentioned both problems are same (because of paused time).
    We can not change how JIRA searching mechanism, it searches via indexing.
    But we have plans to implement an asynchronous job which finds those paused issues and updates index

  6. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    We implemented a scheduled task that will be up and running every 2 minutes and find those issues what are in paused statuses, update target dates and reindex issue.
    The results should be more accurate (with 2 minutes sensitiveness)

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