SLA Status chart not including all information

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Alisha Mennigke created an issue

Hi. I have a few issues that are breached however in the Pie chart it does not include them. See attached.

Also, 2 other things:

  • Would the SLA indicator not change to PAUSED if the issue complies to the PAUSED rules (see example attached). I have "pending customer feedback" as a Paused status
  • How can we see or benefit from the orange colour at a dashboard view to show that the issue is in danger i.e. reached the 80% time to sla. (as per the configuration in the custom field tab)

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Alisha,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    However there are some points to be clarified.
    - For your first issue, which issues are not seen in pie chart? And are there any more details please?
    - SLA Indicator should not display PAUSED if the SLA is breached. Or totally I could not understand your point.
    - Orange color is used in Time to SLA field and it becomes orange if the 80% of SLA is passed.


  2. Alisha Mennigke reporter


    Re point 1: I have breached issues, however the pie chart only shows issues that are met and paused. I attached a sample of the pie chart as well as a list of issues breached which should be counted in the pie chart. Do you want me to snipshot something different for you.

    Re point 2: O I thought it would say paused instead of breached if it fell into that category, because to your management group it would look like it is breached, however in essence the issue is paused for a valid reason.

    Re point 3: Ok, I thought there may be a way to show it in your filter results so that Red is your breached, Green is your met and orange is perhaps your ones that are in Danger. Maybe that is a feature enhancement ☺.

    Just on another point….your support is excellent. I haven’t found anyone responding so quickly to support tickets.

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  3. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Alisha

    I tried to reproduce your problem but everything seems intact. Could you please provide a screenshot of history tab of one of those issues which not counted in pie chart. Also you may want to check if auto-refresh is enabled for your SLA Status Pie Chart gadget (In gadget menu Edit->Refresh Interval).

    About your pause/breach situation, when an issue's SLA paused for a valid reason working duration stops counting for that SLA so issue does not become breached during pause duration. But, if SLA has been already breached when pause condition happened then issue will stay as breached. I hope that I was able to answer your question.

    And last, as Tuncay mentioned, right now orange color used in Time to SLA field to indicate critical condition. There might be additional options in future.

    Best, Kubilay

  4. Alisha Mennigke reporter

    Hi there

    Please see attached spreadsheet extracted of the issues I am using for a SLA status pie chart. The one on the list that is in status “Request for business sign off” is the one of the statuses I indicate as “Paused”


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  5. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi again,

    I think that your attachment is gone missing at your last comment (there might be a problem with mail-reply). Could you please send it again?

    Thanks, Kubilay

  6. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Alisha,

    I think you are replying via email and attachments via email can not be uploaded to Bitbucket system.
    Any chance to use browser for this issue?


  7. Alisha Mennigke reporter

    I attached the excel spreadsheet with the list of issues which I am using to reflect the attached pie chart called SLA Q2.

  8. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi again,

    Thanks for screenshots. Could you please run following JQL statement and share the result?

    issue in tts.issuesSlaExceeded()



  9. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Alisha

    Thanks for screenshots, there is definitely something wrong with JQL results. I think this might be something related with SLA definitions. Could you please send a screenshot of your SLA Configuration page which shows all SLA definitions?

  10. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi again

    Thanks for details, we will release a version which includes a fix for this problem soon.



  11. Kubilay Karpat

    New version includes a fix for this problem, please upgrade your plugin to latest version.

    Best, Kubilay

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