Timer loops when not in office hours

Issue #231 resolved
Oscar created an issue

When not in office hours, the expected behavior is that the timer would be paused. However, when I refresh the page the Time to SLA values is still counting and moves 1 minute. For example from 20m 10s to 21m 10s, then back again to 20m 10s... and repeats infinitly.

This does not influence the result of the SLA values, however it does affect the appearance.

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for the feedback. Which version of TTS are you using?
    Have you tried upgrading to the latest version?
    There was a bug similar to this one, and we already fixed.


  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Thanks for the info

    When calculating against 'end of day,' the joda-time API (Java time API) is getting the second part from the current time (if not set). For instance if the time is 6:30:13 and the end time of working day is 6:00 then it becomes as 6:00:13

    That's why you're getting a 1 minute visual problem.

    The problem will be fixed within next release.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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