we need to create SLA report, but there is no such we would like to have

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Ales Kosina
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as per our previous email conversation: 1) we measure first time response which differs according to the priority from 2 hours when priority=HIGH, 4 hours when priority = MEDIUM and then 6 hours when priority = LOW 2) we measure time for implementation = 4 working days 3) we measure the total life cycle for the issue created – (no need to present this SLA to the customer)

so for 1) and 2) I need a report which will show me following: show me in % how successful I was in first time response and how in % was I successful in time for implementation – so let’s imagine we have total of 10 issues and in one issue I have missed the first time response so I want to see in a report that my success rate = 90% . then imagine that form those 10 issues I did not in two cases met the time for implementation which brings me to a success rate here on 80%

If possible I would prefer to have the report in form of a bar chart.


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