Due date not available as an option in "Choose Negotiation Date Field"

Issue #253 resolved
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson created an issue

Jira has a built in date field called "Due Date" to be used when scheduling ssues to track and review, and inform teams about issue dates, comes with associated permission field "scheduling issue" and jira provides built jql to use with that field etc.

When configuring sla --> sla configuration --> new sla configuration --> sla value "Choose Negotiation Date Field" due date is not available as an option there but only custom date picker fields.

Due date should either be listed there in the drop down list or be available as an option to choose from as in

SLA Value:

Type SLA duration as string

Use Due Date

Choose Negotiation Date Field

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  1. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson reporter

    Hm looks like the old vertigo sla plugin did not support due date either hence I have to ask uis there any known issue using due date in TTS see it should relative easy to implement/use afaikt see[¹]

    Like for example if you want to set the current date to "due date" in an issue

    var due = moment(new Date());
    var dateString = due.format(JIRA.translateSimpleDateFormat(AJS.Meta.get("date-dmy")));

    Or if you want to set issue due date 3 days from now ( planned time )

    var due = moment().add('days', 3);
    var dateString = due.format(JIRA.translateSimpleDateFormat(AJS.Meta.get("date-dmy")));

    Setting the date and time on a datetime custom field ( like update the sla on the due date if an custom date picker is set )

    var due = moment(new Date());
    var dateString = due.format(JIRA.translateSimpleDateFormat(AJS.Meta.get("date-complete")));


    More info on other available formats at atlassian-jira/includes/jquery/plugins/livestamp/moment.jira.i18n.js and or check the page source for more such attributes that can be retrieved via AJS.Meta.get().

    1. https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/209097/programmatically-assign-a-date-object-in-a-date-field
  2. Jóhann B. Guðmundsson reporter

    By default I would have expected sla plugins to be using the built in due date field then be extended to use custom date fields instead.

  3. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Johan

    We added JIRA's Due Date field as an option for Negotiation Date in latest release. Thanks for your feedback.

    Best, Kubilay

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