18h days instead of 24h days displayed

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Verena Scholze
created an issue

Hi Snapbytes Team,

I have implemented the "Time to SLA" Add-On at our customer and defined a working calender which you can see in the attachments (Working Hours Configuraion.png).

The portrayal of some SLAs is wrong and I have the suspicion, that it belongs to the working days calender.

They have an SLA that tells, that the issue has to change status inbetween 24h. Concerning their worklog calender it is a 24h working day. The SLA countdown shows "30 hours" until the SLA breaches, although the times are toggled correctly from SLA start to SLA end (as you can see in the screenshot SLA.png).

The countdown stops at the right time after 24h, but inbetween the portrayal is wrong and I also do not know, where the SLA jumps from the wrong to the right countdown.

I have made some tests and came to the result, that the timer always assumes that they have 18h long working-days (which is wrong, they sometimes also have 24h working-days)

There is a second example, where the SLA had an overdue of 18h 31 minutes. Instead of showing "overdue status 18h 31 minutes" it tells "overdue 1d 31h" (screenshot SLA1.png attached)

Can you tell me, how I can change the behaviour of this?

Our customer has JIRA version 7.1 and Time to SLA version 6.13.0

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  1. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Verena,

    We are able to reproduce your problem. It seems like a problem with custom calendars and we will fix it soon. To be sure is second example also use the same calender?

    Best, Kubilay

  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Verena,

    We just released TTS 6.15.2 for JIRA 7.x and TTS 5.20.2 for JIRA 6.x
    These new versions include the fix for this issue.

    Thanks for your feedback

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