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Jermu Joki
created an issue

I was using tts version 6.15.0 and my SLA calculation was working as intended.

I upgraded to 6.15.1 (due to report hot fix). After this my SLA times started doing the following:

SLA is set to 16h. My calendar is set to 8h/day. SLA timer shows 2 days (48 hours in short format) for the SLA calculation. Im outside my timer zone and the timer does not run down.

Shouldn't the timer show either 16h and not run while "off hours" or show 48 hours and continue running?

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  1. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Jermu,

    I do not think this is related with the hot fix because the latest fix has nothing with those SLA calculations you mentioned.

    So, we really appreciate if you share as many details as you can.
    - Does the problem occur among all issues or just particular ones?
    - SLA definition, working calendar details?
    - An issue view, SLA Overview and SLA Report details for a problematic issue.


  2. Jermu Joki reporter

    This affects all issues.

    Details are as follows: SLA Definition: SLA Start: new SLA stop: In Progress SLA Value: 16h Calendar: default

    Calendar: Name: default Time: 9-17 (excluding weekends)

    Rest are attached as files. Now after inspection it seems the timer itself is 48 hours but overview sees the time correctly. issue_view.png




  3. Kubilay Karpat

    Hi Jermu,

    We are able to reproduce the problem with Shorter Format of Time to SLA custom field and we are working on it. You should see '16h' in timer with shorter format and it should pause on non-working hours or days.

    However Short Format ('2d' in your case) seems fine since: TTS Plugin use the duration of a working day in your designated working calendar as a measurement of day if you selected 'Short Format' or 'Long Format'. So with an example, if your working calendar has 10 hours in a day, and you have a 24 hour SLA, you should see '24h' in Shorter Format and '2d 4h' in Long Format (Since 2 * 10 + 4 = 24).



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