Issue with JQL query in SLA Definition

Issue #272 resolved
Sebastien MARTI created an issue

Hi team,

Our version of JIRA is : 6.4.13 and TTS version is : 5.21.0

We are currently evaluating TTS plugin and we face an issue with the JQL query in the SLA Definition...

Basically, with a not complexe JQL based on 2 criteria...

When we combine them with using AND in our JQL query, in the SLA Overview tab we can see that the SLA is applied to all ticket which complete the query.

But when we combine them with using OR, the SLA definition is applied to ALL JIRA tickets even if they don't complete the query...

Have you ever heard about any issue with JQL query in the SLA Definition ?

Waiting for your feedback.

Best regards Sebastien

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  1. Sebastien MARTI reporter

    In this example, the project of the ticket is ISD (not UKD) and the issue type is Request for Service (not Request for Action)... So I don't understand why the SLA is applied on it... :(

  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Sebastien,

    Very thanks for the feedback. Please put the JQL statement inside the parenthesis.
    For instance

    (project = UKD or issuetype = 'Request for Action')

    In the meantime we will be fixing the root cause within the next release.


  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    You're welcome Sebastien.
    We just did the fix and will be launched in the next release, so that you won't need to add parenthesis.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


  4. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Sebastien,

    This issue has been fixed with the latest release.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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