SLA settings disappeared after Jira update to 7.2.0

Issue #279 resolved
Former user created an issue

We can't change anything. SLA works but with some errors. In some cases counters don't stop.

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  1. Savrasov Sergey

    Are you here? This problem affects very important jira-project. We can't change settings, we can't create new.

    Please tell me how to get proper logs.

  2. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Savrasov,

    You can add package for "com.tuncaysenturk" for at least INFO messages under Admin > System > Logging and profiling.

    In the meantime we're trying to reproduce using JIRA 7.2.0


  3. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    And also for user interface problems please follow these steps?
    - open Chrome and developer tools (F12)
    - switch to the console tab, clear all logs.
    - Open the SLA definitions page.
    - Are there any errors on the console (something red)? If yes attach the screenshot please
    - then click on any problematic button, for instance update SLA definition. If there are any errors please attach the screenshot for this view as well.


  4. Savrasov Sergey


    Errors in log, is not related to plugin. On opening SLA Configuration screen, no errors were record to log.

  5. Tuncay Senturk repo owner


    "Add New SLA Definition" button problem is similar to #280

    We reproduced and fixed the problem, which will be launched in a couple days.
    Sorting empty SLA list was causing the problem.
    However as far as I understood, you have other problems.
    If you clarify with some sample screenshots, we can try to understand and fix them as well.


  6. Savrasov Sergey

    Thank you, I'll prepare data and send you in this thread?

    Could you please tell me will it be possible to install update on sunday or monday?

  7. Tuncay Senturk repo owner

    Hi Savrasov,

    Most probably the release will be ready on Atlassian Marketplace by the end of this weekend.
    If you need it earlier you can have below steps :

    • Uninstall current version
    • Download this binary
    • Go to "JIRA Admin > Add ons > Manage add ons" and click on "Upload add-on" link
    • Locate the binary you already downloaded
    • That's it.


  8. Savrasov Sergey

    If I uninstall current version, what about data in projects? It can be lost?
    This is very important!

  9. Savrasov Sergey

    I treid to install upon existing one, and after installation there is no changes. Settings are still unavailable =(

    In addons list: plugin version is 6.17.1 Made a mistake?

    If i delete plugin, data will be safe?

  10. Savrasov Sergey

    Thank you, right now I can't make a screen session chat.
    I need to check is it works as it should be.

    But thank you! It would be very useful.

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