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We use "Issue Alternative Assignee" plugin and if the module "Edit Role configuration action" is enabled the administration of Overdue fields give a 404 error and in the log with the error "No unique bean of type [com.atlassian.jira.config.StatusManager] is defined".

The workaround solution was disable the module "Edit Role configuration action" in "Issue Alternative Assignee" plugin and reboot jira.

Please can you review this issue.


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  1. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner


    I could not reproduce the bug. Are you sure you only get this problem with "Issue Alternative Assignee" plugin?

    I had issue like this before (from another company) and I created ticket to Atlassian but they did not have any solution.

    However this is a good point, and it really help me/Atlassian fix the problem if you raise an Atlassian Support ticket.

    Would you mind if I ask you to create a ticket to Atlassian support and ask them to add me to the loop?

    I really appreciate it.

    Best regards

  2. e-a0 reporter

    This is the first reply from atlassian:

    Thanks for contacting the Atlassian Support Team!

    Unfortunately 3rd party plugins are not supported by Atlassian as per our support offerings, instead, they are vendor supported. To get the vendor support just go to the URLs below and hover the mouse on "Supported", after that, click on "Get Support" (please refer the screenshot below). (Time to SLA) (Alternative Assignee)

  3. Tuncay Senturk [Snapbytes] repo owner


    Thanks for keeping me notified about the process.
    I faced this problem from another customer before and I raised REL-6 issue to Atlassian. They requested me to ask it on Atlassian Answers site.
    Then I did it
    However, no answer yet. Then you raised this issue.

    I am using JIRA API, and I am using it the right way. I really could not figure out the solution of this problem, and I need Atlassian developers' help on this issue.

    They should say something about this.

    Since I do not have permission, could you or your customer please add this comment to the ticket.

    Best regards

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