In Issue Navigator, the Link to Issue fails when User Profil is in French

Issue #303 resolved
Vincent Thoulé
created an issue

When the column "Overdue Status" is added in Issue Navigator, the Issue Row are colorized when this issue is overdue. But when clicking on this Issue, the rendering of the Issue fails due to a broken string, caused by "Aujourd'hui" translation of "Today"

A JS error occurs in the following code (in the CustomField)


            AJS.InlineDialog(AJS.$("#slaIndicator-20050"), "myDialog",
                function(content, trigger, showPopup) {
                    content.css({"padding":"20px"}).html('<h2>Breached SLAs</h2><p><table class=\"aui\"><tr><th>Test PFCI</th><td>3m </td><td>Expected: Aujourd'hui 13:58</td><td>Actual: Aujourd'hui 14:01</td></tr></table></p>');
                    return false;
                    width: 640

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